[CLOSED] Clash Royale in Roblox

[LOOKING FOR DEVS] Clash Royale in Roblox

About Us

Hello there, we are a team called Radium Games, we are making a game like one called Clash Royale on AppStore and PlayMarket. We have already built most of it yet the developers have retired so we can no go on.

About The Job

We are looking for:
-UI Artist

Our current Progress:

Our game needs at least 30 new assets completed by the end of this month. We expect each asset will take between 1-2 hours.


Since we do not have any funds yet, we will not be paying anything yet, but after the release, the developers will be given around 70 - 80% of the game profits spread among them. Also, an investor will be providing the robux for mass advertisements on release.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: SkyChillo#5910

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Do you have permission from Supercell? If not, it can cause legal issues.


If you take the general idea of the game, but make it more unique and do not include assets from the original Clash Royale (e.g names and arenas and stuff) then this may save you. Just make it YOURS and not a complete copy of Clash Royale. Take Loomian Legacy for example, they copied the idea of Pokemon but turned it into their own thing.


@Crrustyy is right, you could get sued if you didn’t get any permissions, that has happened before on roblox with Nintendo where all pokemon games and all Super Mario games had to be removed due to copyright


I would love to apply! Just tell me if you have permission form supercell, I don’t want to get mixed up in trouble if you don’t.


I would recommend @ScytheSlayin as he has great communication skills and is a great chap!

Seems like a very promising game! I would love to play it one day when it is out!

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@ScytheSlayin from the looks fo it it is not a game replica but just following a similar concept.


They have the same name and concept though.

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You cannot really copyright a concept, so long as they do not call it clash Royale or any supercell reference they should be 100% fine, saying this however there are games based on clash Royale which have not been moderated, however I would still advise not using the name.


If you just get an different name from the real game and an different logo and concept you should be okay, I think.

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Loomian Legacy didn’t get a copyright strike from Nintendo for having the same concept but if you use any of the assets used in their games, which are made by them, you can get into serious trouble, like Roblox did not too long ago, not even knowing it.

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I am aware about copyrights, our map looks way different, and all units will have nothing to do with the Supercell version of it. But thanks for the advice anyways :slight_smile:

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Hello, please DM me on Discord if you still want to apply at: SkyChillo#5910 . And yes, we are currently working on getting permission from Supercell, but even if we dont, it is only the idea we are taking from them, every single asset of the game will be fully original and brand new designed.

Hi SkyChillo
I would be interested in UI design, I sent you a friend request on discord.

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I am interested! I could definitely do building, and possibly help with ui.

Check my portfolio: Junozy - Builder - Portfolio

Thanks for reading,

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apparently we can’t talk about someone’s legal/copyright issues on roblox devforum unless we are affiliated with the company…


I don’t think you would be sued…
But your game is probably going to get copyrighted, and as a result, deleted…
Some games don’t bother with copyright, like There are many Minecraft related games, and Mojang don’t seem to bother, but some Companies, like Nintendo, your game will probably get deleted the next day… I’m not sure about Supercell… You need to contact them for permission.


As i said, im only taking the idea, and noone can copyright an idea. But we are not taking anything else from Clash, everything will be 100% original.

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If this is just a game concept, and not a blatant copy, then no, they won’t get copyright striked.

If you could copyright a game type, then FPS games wouldn’t exist because Halo or Call of Duty would’ve already copyrighted that genre.

I’m working on a tutorial about copyright law with my colleagues who work regularly in that arena. They have JDs or LLMs and most have passed the applicable state bar exams. However, without even releasing that, I can say with absolute confidence that you cannot copyright an idea. Mass Production, FPS Games, streaming services, none of those “ideas” are subject to copyright protections. The intellectual properties that are created to make those ideas reality are. That’s why Loomiam Legacy can exist, but not Pokémon Brick Bronze.

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Good, that is great to hear! Yes, i feel as if you did what Llama Train Studios did with pokemon - took the general concept and changed it to be original!

Well done and I hope the best in your dev career!

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