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math.random is not really “random” as I’m sure you already know. Typically for me I combine math.randomseed(tick()) which should be “more random”. Now in your case you could use HTTP and setup a server to supply yourself with random numbers via atmospheric noise. However if you’re requesting Roblox add this feature, this would be the wrong section for that. See Feature Requests.

Alternatively if you wanted “more” randomness you could use math.randomseed(math.random(math.random(1, 10000000, tick()), tick()) (that should be the proper parathesis set but I’m not sure). A different option too could be to use clients mouse position and calculate the magnitude from a point, and use that and tick() to generate a random number.

Not entirely sure what you’re asking here though.

as far as i know roblox doesnt use atmospheric noise and i also don’t understand why that would be needed for a project on this platform
if you want to use atmospheric noise to get a “true random” check out this post Random.org Library

im not sure if it still works as its a bit dated