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Hello, This is a personal suggestion. You should charge a little more depending on how long it takes you to make them. I’d start at 350 - 500. Nice Portfolio Kind Regards ZoomCode

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Your prices are wayyyyy to low. I suggest raising it to at least 3k Min. and 50k Max.

Added you on Discord! I’m Joven#0000!

Thanks! I’ll use that, good day.<3

I think that’s a bit too much, I think 500 for small assets and around 2k for the larger ones.

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Let’s use this image as an example:

The circled building is worth at least 2K. 500 is less then 2 dollars while 2k is 7 dollars.

First of all, it doesn’t have an inside.
There is detail, but fairly easy to replicate as only the walls needed to be done, plus it’s also small. If anything, it’s merely a prop and only worth at a maximum 1.5k from my own evaluation.

If it had an interior, then sure I could consider your point that it should be 2k.
I think people should allow to price things how they want, and I also think your evaluation of how expensive the build should be is astronomical.

Still a good building, but not worth that probably by itself.