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Howdy, I am Flower and I am a Roblox clothing designer. I have been designing on Roblox since July of 2019 and trying to learn new things every day. I am the owner of my own clothing group called “quetea” where sell a majority of my designs. I have also been featured in a few designer showcases like missmudmaam’s Fantasy Showcase and Arctxic’s Fall Showcase. I have also worked for numerous groups such as vond, fl!p, frenchrxses’s clothing group, confetti party, etc. My commissions are closed at the moment but I making this portfolio mainly to showcase my work.

These are some examples of my designs. These are all fairly new but I will also add more examples as time goes on. Note, I was on hiatus from August of 2020 to October of 2021 due to other priorities.


Pumpkin_Thing 4













I’m available the majority of the week but mostly on the weekends from 10am to 1pm EST. This can of course change depending on my schedule throughout the week. I can usually get a design done within a week depending on what I have going on.

My prices vary but the more difficult your commission is the higher the price.

My prices are:
800 - 1200 robux per outfit.
500 - 800 robux per pants/shirts.

I only accept group funds and t-shirts but you may have to pay extra if you purchase a t-shirt due to tax. I accept 50% upfront and 50% when I am finished so I do not get scammed. These are my prices and I work very hard on each and every outfit I produce so please don’t complain about my prices.

These are the rules of commissioning me so if u choose to do so.

  • I will not make any armor.
  • I will not make any fursuits.
  • I will not make anything NSFW, gore, or anything inappropriate.
  • I can decline your order.
  • Please tell me ahead of time if there is a deadline so I can plan ahead.
  • It may take me up to a week or more to get a design done.
  • Please provide a clear reference or close enough so I have an idea of what I will design for you.

*I will only have 3 spots open at a time when I open my commissions.

If you have any questions or would like to commission me please contact the following.
Discord - flowerpinkle#4558
Twitter - https://twitter.com/flowerpinkle
Roblox/devforum - @flowerpinkle