(CLOSED) Clothing Designer needed for an upcoming battle royale!


Hello, I’m looking for a clothing designer to make outfits for Midnight Mayhem. Midnight Mayhem is a 10-60 player purge-inspired Battle Royale.

The Team
@Sutik - Owner/Scripter/UI Designer
@CyberScrap - Builder/Modeler/Terrain

Some screenshots of the game

What we want from you

We’re looking for a clothing designer who can create outfits for Midnight Mayhem. You would be in charge of the clothing & outfit side of the game, as well as choosing the accessories to match with the clothing (mask, glasses, hat, etc.) from the catalog. Our plan is to have 6 starter shirt/pants, and an additional 12+ outfits before release date. The plan is to have 6 featured outfits for every 2 weeks.


  • Able to create MALE and FEMALE clothing.
  • 13 years or older
  • Be active enough to be able to create outfits 6 outfits every 2 weeks.
  • Have a portfolio of previous clothing you’ve designed

Contact me on Discord if you’re interested and fit the requirements: wolf#0956


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