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Hi there! I’m looking for a clothing designer.

I need a clothing designer to design basic streetwear clothing with minimal to no details. I’ll need atleast 100 pieces. There isn’t any specific deadline but since it’s all basic clothing, shouldn’t take too long. These will consist of both male and female, pants, tops, shirts, hoodies all categories basically.

Payment will be per item, the rate can be discussed in dms. My range is between 5 to 25 robux per piece depending on the item.
I’ll be paying with robux either through group funds of the purchase of a gamepass or t-shirt.

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord (preferably): kesh#4406

Please send your portfolio when you contact me.
Thanks for reading


yep im. in my discord tag is Dom_Rosman#7941 or just message me pls

Hey-a! I’m interested! Message me on DevForum for more info. My prices are negotiable.

My portfolio: MissMae15 | Clothing Designer

Commission Website:

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