[CLOSED] Clothing designers for c h a i n $

About Us

Hi there! I work for c h a i n $, a clothing group. We specialize in Crop-tops and Tank-tops.

The Team
@policecopswatsheriff - Co-Owner/Business Manager
@Iostrxses- Co-Owner/Clothing Designer

About The Job

We are looking for someone who can make two women’s jeans. One short and one long. We would like them ASAP, but anytime works.

The Jeans need to work with this style, as we don't want to much stomach.


We only need 2 assets, but they both cannot be short jeans. We need one of each.


We are paying 20 R$ per asset, but we can go up a bit. We pay via group payouts, but t-shirt is okay. We want to see a picture of them before we payout. We ask that you upload them to the group.

Contact Us

We do not use discord, please contact me here on the devforum our on roblox.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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We still need clothing designers! Feel free to state how you feel about the price! :slight_smile:

Anybody want to reply?
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I suggest if it’s not in your budget, you try designing yourself and maybe even commissioning someone to make you your own set of templates for clothes.

Clothing can sometimes be very time consuming and it’s kind of hard to get people to design for you when people like myself would rather just design stuff they want to make

Realllly cheap, make it a bit higher[30 chars]

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Yeah, I agree, 20 robux per aset is very low!

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I know that it’s very low, but we are not looking for something amazing, just simple jeans.