[Closed] C.N.L.I Weapon Systems

About Us

We are C.N.L.I a relativity small group specializing in Sci-fi games, Adventure, and Horror.

The Team
@FoxwelI - Building, Lighting, Environmental effects.
@ator_dev - General Scripting Assistant
@You - Gun Animation & Scripting (GUI will be handled by DOM, if not. We’ll give you an extra payment.)

About The Job

We’re looking for someone who can handle the animation and scripting of 2 weapons.
1 Pistol
1 Sub-machine gun
We might have additional things that we request but we will pay extra for that.

The weapons must be finished within 4 weeks.


We’ll give you 1400 Robux.
An extra may be included if we need more done.

Contact Us

Contact us through discord; Foxwell#6970

Disclaimer; You’ll be working on the guns on a baseplate, basic communication with the rest of the team is required.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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