[CLOSED] Coasterz is looking for a Scripter/Programmer!

Coasterz is looking for a Scripter/Programmer

About Us

Coasterz is an up-and-coming Coastal themed cafe with 5000 members. We have a variety of choices ranging from our Refreshing drinks, and Tasty Pastries. Our staff team strives to create a safe, and healthy environment for our supportive community. Our game is yet to release, we are planning on releasing on March 19th.

Group: Coasterz - Roblox

The Team
@Zuffhy - Builder
@1bey- Scripter
@scrilic - Project Leader
@you - Scripter/Programmer

About The Job

We are looking for a scripter who has and can create a working ranking center and application center. This job could lead to a permanent scripting job (Paid per task) if you would like to. Please keep in mind that we would like examples of your work.

Application Center example

If you are capable of any of the examples provided Please DM me on discord. My username is lijah#0001

Time management is fine, we just need everything as soon as possible. Due date can be discussed.


There is no official payment plan, but funds are not an issue. If you tell us your preferred rate or have an established price we will be glad to pay. We can speak about this via discord DMs .

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the developer forum, or (Preferred) DM me on discord immediately. lijah#0001

Thanks for reading! :palm_tree:


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