[CLOSED] ColdFusion is hiring a Scripter for 50 - 150 USD

About Us

I am currently hiring for my development studio ColdFusion. This game project will mark our first game. We are looking for an experienced Scripter to help us with a variety of different projects that we will decide which one to work on through Dizzy


We are not looking for

  • Developers who have only been Scripting for less than 2 years.
  • Developers under the age of 13
  • Developers who can’t speak English or can’t speak English to a fluent level

About The Job

  • We are looking for an experienced scripter at least 2 years of experience in LUA.
  • Can script and do basic animations. For example a crane picking up and putting down items.
  • Can Script GUI (Ideally being able to add basic animations to the UI)
  • Willing to dedicate time and effort into our game. E.g. not having any side projects that could take away time from our game.
  • Can script Server Storage.

The team will likely be quite small, probably a 2 - 3 man team including myself acting as the builder in this endeavor. The projects will be Small to Medium, likely nothing large.


We will be using PayPal to pay you between 50 - 150 USD, if that is not an option for you we can pay you through group funds.

Contact Us

Discord: Quin#6677
Twitter: CrypticQuin

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