{Closed} Commission / Building Portfolio

Hello, my name is Ezekiel aka (Exspects) and I’m 15 years of age upon posting this, I’m a builder on Roblox and 3D modeler on Blender.

I’ve built a few showcases over the time of 2 years, if you’ll like to see them I’ll link them here posted in order of how they were created:
(•Deep Imagination - Roblox)
(•Lonely Retreat - Roblox)
(•Tears of Memories - Roblox)
(•Contemplation [Showcase] - Roblox)

Here’s some of my recent work:

I am usually available during weekends but if I can get work done during the weekdays I’ll try my best to.

Depending on the range and size of the build. My preferred payment method is 30k+ for maps and with small assets 5k+.

You can contact me by my Discord Exspects#7815 or my Twitter @Exspects.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I have seen this image passed around discord countless times, I am unaware as to who the original owner is but the amount of people claiming this I’m gonna have to tell others to be cautious as this has also been released a free model.


What? I made this from scratch ever single mesh. https://twitter.com/Exspects/status/1130569879793356801
I can even provide work in progress photos no one else has.
This is concerning for me.


Can you also link these free model?


exspects is the creator of that scene, i can confirm since he sent me images of that scene as he was building it


I don’t currently have the links, though considering you both say you did I trust both judgments, though someone also submitted a picture like that to a studios I once worked for, though they could of used an exploit using saveinstance so I apologize for alarming you, and I will do my best to find the person once again, I do remember they went by Jackgurgla or something on discord.

Thank you for getting back to me, again I apologize.

It’s okay it raised some alarms that I’m glad you brought to light, but though I’m confused as how they got the scene because it’s very hidden and it’s not a public place.

Likewise, I am confused and I thank you for correcting my wrong, I will do my best to figure this out for you.

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Thank you that’d be very appreciated!

Would you be able to post pics of non-showcase works (such as something for a game)? I’m just curious to see how you work in those environments.

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Im interested in hiring you for a little project. I friended you on discord: blubberpug#8760

Hey man Im interrested in hiring you for a job. I just added you on discord hit me up if you want to chat :slight_smile:

Sorry, saw this late, didn’t get your discord username.

I swear your showcases are always so clean and simple and everything has at least a type of an atmosphere of it’s own. How come you haven’t published the build yet?

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