[CLOSED] Commissioning An Artist

Little over view on us and our project:

I am Da1ex, the lead developer on the remake of “Designer Mania”, which was originally made by Monkrysghost. Monkrysghost hired me to get this game remade for a 2020 release!

Designer Mania is fashion/designer dress up game, like the others… but different. Unlike the others, we have more modes to keep the game fun and exciting, as well as it being more faced paced than the rest!

The Team
@Da1ex- Lead Programmer | Builder | UI Designer | Animator
@monkrysghost - Builder
@Brendo749 [Commissioned] - Pet/Prop Designer

About The Job

We are looking to commission an artist to be commissioned to design us icons for our game’s thumbnails, icon, badges, gamepasses, and dev products! We need someone who can work well with others, has good communication skills and can fit our cartoony style we are going for with the idea of the game’s remake. We also need someone who we can commission for the future for more icons for big updates as well as holiday updates!


We can pay in R$ as well as USD… but we do prefer to do it via R$. We don’t name our pay due to everyone has different valuing of their work’s pricing and we do ask for you to name the price first, and we can work from there in possible negotiations.

Contact Us

You can DM me via Discord, Dalex#0001, with previous work you have done before!

  • Please don’t be mad if we do deny you from this opportunity :slightly_frowning_face:

How complex you want this to be? Can you give a ref on the style? I’m interested, but i might turn it down if its too complex

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im potentially interested. Can you show me a reference on the style that you are looking for? Like the person above me, if its too difficult for me, ill turn it down

my discord is shadow_duo324#1439

Sent you a request, I’m Msami#3783

Hello! I’m interested in the opportunity!
Portfolio: [OPEN] Azza | 2D Artist and Graphic Designer
Discord: Azza #3032
I’ve just sent a request, have a nice day!

I’m interested, here’s my portfolio:

I also do UI for example:

UI Example

I am interested! Shot you a friend request on Discord. I’m Ink!#8185 :wink:

If you are still looking for an artist, here is my portfolio. [Open] Jupiterc's 2D art: Conceptual design, gamepass icons, ads, etc

If you like my style contact me at Foul#0347. Good luck with your project!


Hey sir! Maybe I can help you. If you want to see some of my works; (OPEN) Houl | Art/Graphic Design Portofolio/Comm Sheet |

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