[OPEN] Lava's Professional GFX Artist Portfolio (Cycles and Eevee)

Hello there! I’m a GFX artist that has been working with the Eevee’s (now transfering to Cycles) render engine in blender for 2 years. I mainly do profiles, game icons, thumbnails and advertisements. Feedback is appreciated whenever.

Here are some of my examples:

Game Icons




BulletHellGameAd1 BulletHellGameAd2

Text Icons (NEW)

I’m still new to this area so bare with me. Here’s some examples:


Prices are negotiable due to me still progressing. I’m mainly doing commissions for improvement purposes. Group funds only.

Prices will most likely range between :robux: 100 - 3000
I no longer accept giftcards due to a recent scam.

Since we’re in lockdown, I’m available everyday. My timezone is BST so I’m online between 11 AM - 22:00

Other information

  • You must pay in group funds or shirt (If paying via shirt, tax will be added)
  • If you pay and then cancel, the refund will not be given.
  • You must pay 75% before I start due to preventing scammers. I will then proceed to send you a watermarked version. Once the full payment has been reached, the final product will be provided.
  • You can make/ask for tweaks but this must be something minor, not the full artwork.
  • Feel free to give feedback, I won’t be hurt by it.
  • You must give all characters, what type (icon, thumbnail etc.) and the ratio, any props/buildings, references. Just make sure to give detail so I have a clear image in my head.

You can contact me through the following:
Discord: Lava#6763
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealLavaCreeper
Or here, in the devforum.
Please inform me you’re adding me in the replies below, I don’t add randoms!

On the other hand, you can also contact me via the roblox website themself: https://www.roblox.com/users/121206943/profile
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Hidden Developers and RODev Verified Graphic Designer.


I’m still looking for work and I’m still open. Hmu!! I respond fast.


Hello!!! I am in need of a logo, and roblox group logo. Are you able to contact me through discord?


Can we continue this in private DMs? I feel like this conversation will be flagged as spam resulting in my Portfolio being taken down.

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yo i really want to hire you but there is a problem you dont have discord or you have?

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can you get discord again???

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DM me as of now, I’m not sure you can have conversations in the reply section of a post.

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Also now accepting giftcards btw.

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so you dont want first pay???

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You need to pay 20% of the overall price ( or 100% ) before hand to avoid scams. The rest of the % will be paid after showing you the watermarked version of the final product.

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but i told you i will pay you % of the game

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But, you can’t afford it anyway…

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i can a % of the game but i think you wont accept it


let’s talk in D messages ok???


no direct messages i mean direct messages

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yes yes i mean DMs anyway nice work

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Just finished commissions - reopened

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Lava does great work, commissioned him today and he delivered today as well with quality stuff - I recommend him 100%!


Looks cool, would love to hire you but first, I have to know - how much robux would you take for a game thumbnail (lowest)

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I’d probably say 300 lowest for a game thumbnail. It really depends on the detail and amount of characters.