[CLOSED] Community Manager

I just applied :slight_smile:
Good luck everyone!


Taking your current payment is $32 a day really a lot of money? A minimum wage job would pay that even more for maybe half the work.

I’m not sure what that means, but I assume you’re saying the payment is too low?
I’d highly disagree because the jobs I’ve done in the past (e.g stock-clerk) got me a max of about €50 a month (I admit, I was 14 - 16 years old back then, but read on). Besides, this probably depends on the country, but in my country the minimum wage per month is €817.80 for 2019 (gross). That’s about €185,- less than this offer (and that’s excluding the fact that the minimum wage is based on either 36, 38 or 40 hours rather than only 10!).

Next to that, most jobs are non-remote and usually require you to do ‘physical’ tasks (such as stock-clerk, catering industry, newspaper delivery, etc.) and you’d often need a diploma for a full-time job. While there’s also tasks that can be done online or other, I haven’t seen a job that’d pay this much of a stable salary per month without requiring a diploma.

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You realize you aren’t supposed to manage for 24 hours a day or even 8 hours a day like a regular job?, you can’t take the $1000 and divide it by the total number of days… People are typically paid on the hours they work, when you refer to minimum wage its hourly typically. You divide it by the total number of hours, which was said to require 10 hours a week, assuming this is the minimum and say 4.5 weeks a month (obviously less) 1000/45= 22.2, that is 22 USD an hour for 10 hours a week (minimum I presume). Now I don’t except you to work exact times and set times every single day it would vary and fluctuate as you are the community manager. I recommend anyone who has a passion for this, free time, and enjoys it to apply, this is great opportunity if its still open.


This still would not be able to support living and food costs on top of cars.

You are correct but 10 hours a week is not a full time job. This is like a part time/side job for students or people who want to make extra cash and have a passion for this.


This is not aimed as a full time job, this is if anything a part-time job for those who have some extra free time. $1k/m is more than reasonable. You are looking at this as job to live off of and not what it really is, a part-time job for some extra cash.


This is not a full time job, and shouldn’t be considered one either, you are not expected to make a living from $1000 a month, even though it is certainly possible. Age requirement is present to ensure the safety and credibility of the company, legally they are unable to hire -18 personnel; as it requires actual currency. This is a very stable opportunity, just consider this an errand that you should do, rather than consider this a job.

As it has been over 14 days, will applicants begin receiving responses soon?


IIRC it has been previously stated that applicants who were denied will not receive a response, due to the large amount of applicants.


Is this job position still open? Or have you guys found someone already?


I hope the submission wasn’t too late, good luck to other applicants.


This is really great offer… just the 18+ part. Which is totally understandable by the way.
Good luck to people who applied! :slight_smile:

It is open, I think.
If they would find someone. They would close this topic.


I have also applied. Good luck to everyone who has applied!

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Understood, however the thread also has not been updated.

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Applied, could use this for some side income.

UPDATE: This position has been filled, thank you to everyone who applied as we received > 100 high quality applications! We can’t respond to everyone, but every application was read and we may reach out to some of you in the future for other positions as well!


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