[CLOSED] Community Manager

UPDATE: This position has been filled, thank you to everyone who applied as we received > 100 high quality applications! We can’t respond to everyone, but every application was read and we may reach out to some of you in the future for other positions as well!

RedManta is looking for someone to manage our twitter & discord communities! You'll be responsible for managing World // Zero's existing communities and build out new ones for our growing games.

RedManta is a game development & publishing studio with many talented developers! Some of our most notable projects include Robloxian Highschool, World // Zero, Store Wars and Knife Capsules.

Work remotely and set your own hours! This position requires 10 hours a week and you will check-in with us through Discord.

We’re looking for someone who is easily excited by our games wants to help grow our communities. You will:

  • Talk to thousands of fans via Twitter & Discord
  • Design tweens and announcements for updates, events & more
  • Manage Discord servers with tens of thousands of players
  • Run your own mod team to help out
  • Make fans happy

You’ll be paid $1,000 USD per month, or the Robux equivalent if you prefer this.

You must be 18 or older, and if you are accepted, you must supply us with a tax form (W9 / W8 in most cases). This is the same form Roblox requires from you to DevEx.

DM me here with your portfolio. This can be as simple as a list of communities & servers you’ve managed before, or a full resume. It just needs to show us what you can do! There’s no downside to applying and it gets your name on our radar for the future.
(Alternatively email jobs@redmanta.games if you cannot send DMs here)

edit: I’ll close this thread once the position has been filled. We’ll be making a decision in the next 1-2 weeks. I don’t have time to respond to every application but I read all of them!


If you choose the robux equivalent pay, since it is not regulated by the government, do you still have to be 18 as well as supply the W9 form?


I’ve applied. Good luck to everyone else who also did/is going to apply!


Are you aware of the fact that you can take this job as a secondary job? Not every adult has to make a living out of this and use it as extra money to save for the future. Also, hiring people under 18 forced the employer to follow strict regulations when it comes to hiring underaged personnel.


This is 40 hours per month, not full time work. I don’t think anybody applying would be depending on this alone to support themselves.


Would just like to add to your point that considering that RedManta are a professional development studio working full time, hiring someone under the age of 18 might oppose certain problems as a legal company. I could potentially agree with your point about the age limit, but also being over the age of 18 will allow them to put more trust into whichever client is able to successfully apply for this position.


I don’t think they care about getting swarmed with applicants. They have an age limit, which most jobs have, and it’s reasonably set. For a position like that, it really should be higher imho (and I’m just turning 18 in October), you have a ton of responsibility, and are managing a staff team to an extent.

Not to mention, putting the age limit higher, helps making sure they can have a mature CM, who will do their job properly, and not have to weed through hundreds of minors hoping to get a chance.

Anyways, I’m sure they’ll find someone who will gladly take the position, who meets the requirements.


Just adding on, your average 13-14 year old is likely to be really busy with school and cannot go on their computer or phone due to the rules set out by their parent.


I agree with you but, not everyone has rules over what they’re doing, my parents consider this like a “job” so they just don’t bother me if you know what i mean. :slight_smile: and im 15 y/o.

Unfortunately, there’s not many parents that think like that.


I think that 1k$ is more than enough because the manager will not be developing, he manages the community for the studio. I need to wait 2 years until I am 18 so, I can’t apply sadly and I can’t get paid in USD since paypal is not supported in my country.

I think the age requirement need to be less, like 16 or 15. 16 years is also accepted to work as with this number of hours. And like adult we aren’t there 24h/24h with schools or others stuff. So, as I know as my current experience as a moderator in the Nitenity studio group, it’s not hard to take time to manage it or others stuff personal. Hope it will change to 16 years, and good luck :crossed_fingers: (don’t look at that English lol, I’m tired and a French user)

Red Manta is an officially licensed company and that is why they have the 18+ requirement.

In my State, California, you can get a job at 16. So that is not necessarily the reason.

They are doing it based off the Federal Age I think. Let’s not flood the post though.

Hi! I’m curious as to whether this job opportunity is just limited to US citizens (and those with the right to work in the US), or if people across the world can apply.

I don’t think it was explicitly mentioned in the post, however you did mention a W9 form would be required – something that can only be filled by those who can work in the country.

Thanks for continually providing opportunities like this on the Roblox platform!


We’re open to foreigners for this position as it is a remote contractor position. In this case you would submit the appropriate tax form (such as W-8 BEN).

I’ll update the OP to reflect this


Once this position is filled will you alert applicants that didn’t get chosen, or will you simply close the thread? Thank you!


I’ll bump this thread and update the OP / title. Unfortunately I don’t have time to respond to every message as there’s so many, but I read all of them!


I’ll do it for $500 USD a month.