(CLOSED) Composer Community - Looking for a Group Logo Artist


I’m looking for a 2d Artist to do a Group Logo. This logo will consist of 3 characters, one female, two males, all holding a Musical Instrument in a fashionable way. The female will be wearing a pink dress, the males you can decide on. (Or we can think of something once you’ve contacted me). The instruments are: Trumpet, Guitar, Violin. The background should consist of a light purple, with white slanted stripes. With blue musical notes. At the bottom of the thumnail, it should say “Composer Community” In a cartoon font.


Since I do not believe this is a hard job, the payment will be 100 - 200 Robux. I do not have group funds, so this payment will be in T-Shirt.


Hmu on Discord, Disparrel#1552. Or on the Forum.

I personally have no clue of graphic designing, but I have friends that do. Getting 3 renders, one of them is having a prop, that is difficult to make (instruments can have so many diverse shapes), on a single group logo (3 renders, with props, on a single group logo - very difficult).

I think it always depends on the artist himself, and his quality. But if you really want this to be good, than you should at least pay something beyond 1.000 (and even that would be low if you want high quality stuff.) Good luck with your group and finding an artist.


You will hardly find any artists willing to make such thing for 100-200 :robux:
A 2d logo with 3 characters and 3 instruments in a “fashionable way” is not that easy to make in the end. And the amount of detail you want in it is worth more than 200. I personally suggest paying 750+ for something like this.

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I don’t think artists would take this job, unless their quality is on that level then they might , but if you want a high-quality Logo/Icon then I suggest raising your prices to Triple Digit R$, and with it being 2D Art, it usually costs more as it takes more time and is hand-crafted to every detail.
With that price range don’t expect a high-quality 2D Logo.

I’m interested!
My portfolio:

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@LandofLee1620 Is really good. She made mines.


Aigh i aint a professional but people like my pictures, i could gibe you pictures, if you like one pay me but if you dont then i can either try again and again or you just say you dont want me anymore

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