[CLOSED] Crade5G8 | GFX | Cheap! | Below 60 Robux!

About Me

Hello. I am Crade5G8 and I am giving my services as a Graphics Designer. I use Blender, paint . net and other applications to make my GFX.




If you were to hire me I would probably be able to complete it within a day unless I already have other projects or I am busy. I will usually give you a time in messages of completion. I am currently available around 4 hours a day unless something comes up. You can still message me during the hours I am not available but do not expect a response until I become available.


I prefer to be payed in Robux and do not accept any other forms of payment currently. I only take payments through group funds. Prices may vary with the amount of people in the photo.

  • Thumbnails - 60
  • Group Page Picture - 50
  • Shadow Profile Pictures - 30
  • Body Profile Pictures - 40
  • Backgrounds - 60
  • Render - 10
    Prices are negotiable


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or you can send me a Message on my Discord: Crade#7676

Wow, very nice work for a very low price. The first example you’ve provided could use some touch-ups with regards to the detail as it seems a bit bland. However, the second one is astonishing, and for just 100 Robux or left? Definitely worth it!

Alright, Thank you for the feedback, I will make sure to improve on that.