[CLOSED] - Create a Combat System Similar to Sekiro. - 20k Robux Pay

My name is Timefoward. I am creating a passion project for a naruto-related game called Kubikiri.


Currently looking for a scripter that is willing to script combat.

Here are references:


How the combat system will work:

Combat system:


  • Should be a tool you can equip.

General Combat mechanics:

  • How combat should work will have light attacks which will be a four different swing animation’s as a combo.

  • *Have a Heavy attack that acts like a lunge which can bypass block and deflection and requires you to counter it by moving towards them and slash. Heavy attacks are slower and should show an indication of a heavy attack allowing for counters.

  • Left click should be for attacking and Right click should be for blocking.

  • Deflecting an attack will cause the posture meter to go up to signify it breaking.

  • Deflecting should only work when you time a block as soon as they hit you, similar to a parry system.

  • Have a meter called posture, once your posture breaks it should enable the individual to be stunned for a few moments, have an animation for this.

  • Parrying shouldn’t exist and should be mainly a deflection.

  • Stamina shouldn’t be an issue in this game

Posture System:

  • Make it where when you have less health the posture meter is also lower so you can be stunned more easier.


Payment will be around 20k robux or more dependent on the work provided and completed.


You can contact me on discord, timefoward#0181
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Hey I’d like to help :eyes:

Discord: Oozy#6774

Portfolio: [OPEN] OozyMage's Portfolio

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