[Closed] Create a Thanos 'snap' effect

The Task
I’m looking for a developer experienced in lua and particle effects to create a ‘snap’ effect similar to that from Avengers. Something like the following place:


  • The code runs client-sided, is easy to understand, and efficiently written.
  • An easy to execute function, ideally modular. Don’t worry about activation or networking.
  • The fade effect accounts for body items such as shirts, pants, accessories etc.
  • Effect works for both R6 and R15
  • The particle effect must be free-to-use or custom made

I’m happy to pay 10 USD or 3000 R$ for the task. You’ll be featured on the HD Admin credits page which is used by tens of thousands weekly. Your effect will also be trialled by big YouTubers and potentially watched by millions of viewers.

If interested feel free to contact me on the DevForum. I’ll inform you of any other people undergoing the task and any further details you need. I can pay half the payment after seeing the effect in-game, and the final half after verifying the code.

HD Admin is an open-source project therefore your code will be publicly viewable once added.


How do you get revenue from those admin commands?

We sell an exclusive set of commands which can be used in almost all games with HD Admin:


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