[CLOSED] DaffyDavinko - Full Stack Programmer


I’m David a Full Stack programmer and freelance developer. I’ve been on the platform for years but only started development more seriously at the end of 2019. I really enjoy programming and working on the Roblox platform.

I am also a begginer-intermediate Penetration Tester/White Hat Hacker, so if you need me to test something shoot me a DM and I will try my best!

Other than that my hobbies including Boxing, Swimming and Programming and also I am a very big fan of the fashion house Chrome Hearts, that’s what inspired my portfolio.


Gameplay Programming

Custom Character Controller

Modular UI Programming



Backend Programming

Sandbox Tycoon Framework


Heavily Edited A-Chassis

Perlin Noise Terrain Generation

User Interface




Vehicle Tycoon: Translation
Doomspire Brickbattle: Translation

Jamie's Restaurant Franchise: Backend Programming + UX
Sandwichez: Bug fixing and Misc.
Kenya Airways: Misc.
Seda: Bug Fixing and Overseeing the Framework
Aelys Resort: Gameplay + Backend Programming
Silver Gull: Gameplay Programmer + UI/UX Functionality

I have contributed or assisted with some projects that are either in development, private, very small or canceled. Also check out my Talents Hub page!

I am available around 3-4 days a week depending on the project but at the current time I accept only Short-Term commissions, but sometimes exceptions can be made.

(For rates from R$ to USD I suggest using this calculator.)

For now I accept commission that exceed the $50 or 20%+ on a already established game with a decent player count. My accepted payment options are PayPal and R$.

Discord or DevForum messages are the best ways to contact me.

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Hey there, first of all, I adore the Simple Custom Character generator, it looks so funny and great, do you think you could create some thing similar, make it first person only, make it slower and for example use a turtle for the character as I’d love to hire you for that.

Here are some suggestions for your portfolio and some information:

  1. Firstly, the layout is great and easily accessible, that is one of the many likes of this portfolio, it is set out great and has lots of creations, awesome man!
  2. If I had such talent, I would collaborate with builders, modellers and user interface designers to create the ultimate game on Roblox, with your talent you have one less position to fill out as you’re a really really amazing scripter on the platform.

To be honest, that was all, respond with what you think to this and if you can create the custom character program for myself, have a great day. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Thanks for the feedback and for the kind words! I am sure going to collaborate with more developers in the future. And maybe I will try and re-create the Custom Character system and open source it since the one showed its kind of messy and its for a project, but I am looking onto in into the future! :slight_smile:


Honestly, This guy is so amazing and really smart too! He helped me out so much with improving my game and helping give the community what they wanted and he even stayed more to help out with other stuff! I 100% recommend this guy and I give him a whopping 100/100! :star_struck:

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I tried to send a friend request, but it failed for some reason. Quasar#8204

Very excellent to work with Daffy, he takes time with his commissions and completes exactly what your looking for according to the details given