[CLOSED] Dan_PanMan - GFX/UI Portfolio (CHEAP)

*and ui

Hello wonderful people! I am Dan, a freelancer GFX, and UI artist. My work is some of the cheapest yet highest quality out there. I have about 3 years of experience with graphics/GFX, 1 year of experience with UI designing, and I really like to see my products on some amazing games!

You can view art on my website, as well: danpangfx.com

Here are some examples of my GFX!

not my background, all i did was slap my character on it ^^

Here are some examples of my UI

Healthbar | Simple, yet slick


Due to real-world situations currently, I am active for a long time. Sometimes, I have to go out of town for 1-3 days, so please keep that in mind. If I am out of town, don’t worry, I will deliver your requested art in 1-5 days.

Prices are really cheap (I will bump them up soon), 75 robux for an icon and 100 robux a thumbnail.
For UI, I charge 200 robux a design (e.g. loading screen, or admin panel), and an extra 100 (300 in total) for advanced, satisfying tweening.


I don’t accept shirts nor USD. The reason for group funds is so I get the money quickly, and you don’t have to pay for the Roblox tax that shirts/pants have.

You can contact me both ways:

  • Discord (more preferred, will answer quickly)
  • DMs in Dev Forum (less preferred, will answer slower)

Discord: dm

For more information, please visit my website!
Thank you for reading, hope you are interested! :+1:


Can you do one of those ads with the level 1, level 50, level 100?

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What do you mean?

30 chars

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I’ll PM you an example of one.

Hey I added you on discord im going to shoot you a message i am interested :slight_smile:

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Loved working with him! He’s a chill person and gets the work done pretty fast. I learned the basics of GFX from him. You won’t regret working with him! :smile:

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