[CLOSED] DEFIER ENTERTAINMENT is hiring terrain builder

The Team:
@HilyrHere - Programming
@bryancololee - Programming
@Gravity_Defier - Level Design
@GonderDex - 3D Modelling

The Project:
You’ll be tasked with creating a large island using voxel terrain (AKA smooth terrain), estimated around 3,000,000 studs^2 (like 10-15 baseplates). The island should have three central biomes depending on elevation, with a dense forested environment towards sea level, a lighter forest around the middle, and a sparse upper mountainous area. Smaller environments like beaches and underground caverns are also planned. Trees and vegetation will be added by the rest of the team using a procedural generation system. How this pertains to your work will be further discussed privately.

There will also need to be areas for player-owned plots, along with a small town. The entire island should feel explored, with paths leading around the island. The only non-voxel objects you’ll be expected to add may be mesh-based cliffs, depending on your qualifications (see below) and the vision we work together to create during hiring. All non-terrain props can be added by myself later on.

This project is NOT time sensitive, however having it done in 4-5 weeks would be most optimal.


  • Must be able to honestly and attentively communicate progress, delays, and ideas with the team. This project is not time sensitive but frequent status updates and progress images help keep other team members motivated and confident that you’ll finish the project. We’re in a really unstable time globally so procrastination and unexpected delays are totally understandable, all we ask is that you’re honest with us and yourself about what you can get done.
  • Significant, demonstrable experience in large-scale voxel terrain projects. Images of past projects, game links, or a demo piece are all totally cool. A full portfolio is optimal.
  • 13 or older.

Preferred, but not required:

  • Experience in the sourcing/creation and seamless integration of high-rez meshes (such as rock/cliff megascans) and voxel terrain to create really prominent, striking environments.
  • Experience in lighting, particle effects, or other visual additives that can give the piece a touch.

Starting at 30,000R$. Higher rates can be discussed during the application process.

Gravitydefier#0621 - Discord


I’ve got a pretty good handle on terrain, and I figured out an efficient workflow for large scales, which I’ve detailed in this article:

I’d look forward to working with you on this if you’re interested.

Pretty screenshots:

Some of my procedural terrain work:

Lighting shenanigans:

I can show more, feel free to contact me for a deeper look at my portfolio.


Hello I would love to help you on this project!

My discord is A1.2trappy#4996

I will send examples etc there

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Hey, I’ve worked with terrain for awhile now, you can view my portfolio here. - Edwarrrddd Portfolio - Realistic Terrain Artist



hi, I’m interested in this job, I am completely fine with 30k R$ I added you on discord , I am 1sh0t#2061

I will dm you on discord my portfolio

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hey, having some kind of odd discord bug with adding you as a friend. Mind adding me instead? Gravitydefier#0621

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I Just want to let you know also that I don’t have any assets for trees etc. If you don’t mind me respond again

Like it says in the listing we’re handling trees and foliage :slight_smile: Feel free to add me still, we’re closing applications soon

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