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About Me

My name is demofocus, I’m 19 years old from the UK and I have been a Roblox Programmer and Scripter for 2-3 years, with nearly 8 years experience on the site. I would class my overall demeanour as being a good listener and being able to explain what i’ve done in a simple and educated manner.

Click here to see some of my accolades


I currently have the following:


Wrestling-Entrance Inspired System

- YouTube

Round-Based system

Camera Manipulation and UI work (Very early version)

Made in one hour on first attempt


This is my only build thus far.

Public Models

Here are a couple of beginner scripts I’ve released to the public for free, in the hopes of helping them learn from it.

[RELEASE] - Group Blacklist Script - Roblox

[REMAKE] Age Verification Script - Roblox


I am available for a significant amount of hours each day - activity is not an issue with me.

My timezone is GMT/BST


Prices are negotiable on interest. I accept Robux through group funds or t-shirt payout (provided the fees are covered)

I do not accept USD at this time.

Percentage is an option is I am personally invested in the project.


You can contact me on the Developer Forum (@demofocus) or

Due to an influx of adds on my discord, response time may be much slower.

Thank you for taking the time to read my portfolio. :slight_smile:


Hey can I hire you. And can you join my team. I’m making a large sonic game.

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Wow! Your work is amazing! I’m also working on a soccer game as well. Maybe you could help me with it.

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Sweet GUI man keep the work up!

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Hey there man.

I currently own a Military Group with over 400,000 members and was wondering if you could script a gun system?

(We will provide you with the assets needed)

Furthermore, we can negotiate any other assets needed (pay per asset?)

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Please send me PM on here with information!

Commissions are open for small projects - preferably to add to my portfolio.

The entire thread as been reworked with more information and I’ve included references upon request.

Very nice stuff here Mr Demofocus.

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I appreciate the feedback. :wink:

Updated again with more under my scripting showcase.

Thank you so much for the kind words.

I am trying my hardest to follow my passion despite some real-world issues I have personally - so I really appreciate your words and it will motivate me to continue pursuing this.

I’ve opened up commissions again - discord is also now my preferred method of contact.

Thank you! :smiley:

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Hey, I’ve sent you a friend request.


For the first time in a while, I’ve updated my portfolio to include a new Wrestling-Inspired Entrance system I’ve been working on as a side project as well as updated my list of accolades.