[CLOSED] Developer for Inhumane

Hey there. I’m the lead developer of a game called Inhumane. The scripter who worked on this game with me had to leave the development team a while back. Up until now, I’ve been able to support the game & keep it running normally. However, a massive amount of players have recently taken an interest in this game. I’m no longer able to support the game on my own, so I’m looking for an advanced scripter to help me out. You’re expected to be familiar with most components of Lua and you MUST have a portfolio of your work.

Some of the stuff you'll be expected to do is as follows:
  • Random events system (random occurrences such as the lights flickering, the power shutting off, etc)
  • Classes (roles which give you different tools/perks depending on what you choose)
  • New viruses (content for the game)
  • Quests/Missions (self-explanatory)
  • Some other bug fixes & tasks

Assuming that you’re brought onto the team, you’ll be paid 33% of what the game earns. (30K R$ upfront)

DM me on Discord (robo#9227) if you’re interested in applying. If you’re confused about anything, feel free to ask questions.

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