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Hello, here at Azure Interactives, we are looking to hire a scripter to make the backend of a very basic third-person shooter game. We’re currently looking to hire someone with a good amount of experience & talent. If you could make UI’s that would also be super helpful but we’re probably going to end up commissioning someone for that too. Message me for a roadmap of the game and what you have to do, as the scripter of the project. Payment is flexible and it can either be done by the task, or all at once. Of course, I would not receive any parts of the scripts until you have received payment.

Skills Required:

Because of the nature of our commission, you’re going to need to have some degree of experience with the following skills:

  • Working with incorporating animations to player movements/weapons (animations have been done by a separate developer already)
  • Creating/working with combat systems/scripts
  • Creating UI’s (optional but useful)

Payment: 1,200 USD in PayPal, Cashapp, or Bitcoin
Robux options can be available too following negotiations

If you’re interested, please be sure to message me with your Discord tag so we can continue to talk

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