[Closed] Developers for a medieval themed game! (Builder, Animator, Modeler, and UI designer)

About Us

Hi there, I am Captain! I am looking for developers to help me create my medieval themed game!

The Team
@CaptainD_veloper - Project lead + scripter
@username - Filled
@username - Animator
@username - Modeler
@username - Filled

About The Job

I am looking for developers to help me create a medieval themed roleplay game. I need a builder to make the map, which should be decently sized, but not too huge. The animator would be in charge of creating animations for the weapons and player in general. Some of the animations would include walking, sprinting, sword attacking, and gun animations. The modeler would create weapons and models such as swords, guns, and role play items. The UI designer would be in charge of creating UI for the game, such as the job menu, the settings menu, inventory menu, etc.


I am willing to pay 14k for the builder, 500 robux or more per asset for the animator, 1000 robux or more per asset for the modeler, and 5k robux for the UI designer. These prices are just estimates, so if you want to negotiate, please contact me.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on Discord: Captain#1855

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello, i’m interested my name is Grenouille # 0604.

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I can be your builder for your game

Is this low poly based? (30 chars)

I am interested to be a modeler! Let’s chat on Discord! My Tag is RazorBladedino117#5440

I don’t have discord but you can message me

Hi, are you looking for an experienced 3d modeller to help build your game please message me on discord i would like to work with/for you i have over 2 years of experience working 13 hours a day so il say am on par with someone who has 3 years of experience. Message me on discord please if you would like to work with me thank u Discord: TheBlackGOD#9843
Past work Semi professional 3d modeller for hire(Cheap) Commissions open!

Hello, can you post a few pictures of the build style needed?

Sent a friend request! (30 char)

I sent a friend request, I am a builder

Still looking for an animator and a modeler!

i am a builder with 1 year of experience but i can copy pictures excalty if you need me please message i can be you’re animator cause i love to animate

I am interested in modeling, my discord is HP2009#5602

Still need an animator! 30characters

Sounds like a really awesome game, I added you on discord. will#4070

If you want me be animator i will I have animated and I’m really good

Still looking for a model maker?
30 chars

Extremely interested in the UI Designer role, I have worked on medieval games before, and here is my portfolio.
To contact me, contact me on the DevForum or via Obi-Wan Kenobi#5246.

Hello im a 3d modeler and an animator and im interested in this i already sent u a friend request on discord my discord is Doppler#5592

Heya I’m intrested my discord A1.2trappy#4996