[Closed] Developers for a medieval themed game! (Builder, Animator, Modeler, and UI designer)

I can be your builder for your game

Is this low poly based? (30 chars)

I am interested to be a modeler! Let’s chat on Discord! My Tag is RazorBladedino117#5440

I don’t have discord but you can message me

Hi, are you looking for an experienced 3d modeller to help build your game please message me on discord i would like to work with/for you i have over 2 years of experience working 13 hours a day so il say am on par with someone who has 3 years of experience. Message me on discord please if you would like to work with me thank u Discord: TheBlackGOD#9843
Past work Semi professional 3d modeller for hire(Cheap) Commissions open!

Hello, can you post a few pictures of the build style needed?

Sent a friend request! (30 char)

I sent a friend request, I am a builder

Still looking for an animator and a modeler!

i am a builder with 1 year of experience but i can copy pictures excalty if you need me please message i can be you’re animator cause i love to animate

I am interested in modeling, my discord is HP2009#5602

Still need an animator! 30characters

Sounds like a really awesome game, I added you on discord. will#4070

If you want me be animator i will I have animated and I’m really good

Still looking for a model maker?
30 chars

Extremely interested in the UI Designer role, I have worked on medieval games before, and here is my portfolio.
To contact me, contact me on the DevForum or via Obi-Wan Kenobi#5246.

Hello im a 3d modeler and an animator and im interested in this i already sent u a friend request on discord my discord is Doppler#5592

Heya I’m intrested my discord A1.2trappy#4996

My disc is PhantomBoii#1278 I would like to be a modeler for the game

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