[CLOSED] Developers needed for Pizza Simulator!

About Us

Hi there! We are Abstract Studios, a development team on Roblox, that is striving for success in the future! But, we cannot do it without the developers out there, so if you are in need currently of a job, look no further!Please make sure that you read everything very carefully.

The team

@PixeI_Dev - Builder
@Tommy_eee - Modeler
@dafferrelic842_dev - Programmer
@ ProGamerResul5566 - Artist
@Icrony - Animator

About The Jobs


You’ll need to build an entire lobby map/area. This will include the eggs, shop, sell building, trees, rocks, pathways, and there need to be mountains to ensure the players don’t go off the edge of the map/baseplate.


So, as for the modeler, you’ll be modeling all the fifty different types of Pizzas. I’ll get more into specification every pizza some other time. Also, pizza bags will need to be modeled. Again, specification on that will be said after being hired.


You’ll be needing to make all of the scripts, except most of the Ui will be done by me. You’ll be scripting the leaderboards, how much pizzas you have, how to upgrade, all of that good stuff.


All you’re doing is animating the eating animation. That’s it.


You’re going to be making the thumbnail and game icon, and that’s all.

This game is expected to be fully released on October 7th, 2020.


Programmer - 30%
Builder - 20%
Modeler - 15%
Animator - 5%
Artist - 10%

Contact Us

Discord: EggcellentHumor#3520
Roblox PMs.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Well I need to know what type of programming you want / the level of difficulty

I might be interested if there will be upfront / backend payment incase the game flops.
(doing graphics designing.)

also, the name Pizza Simulator has been used already, why not something like Pizza legends or something like that.

It would be like leaderboards, selling teleporting, cash, saving data, and stuff like that.

Sorry, but we already hired someone!

I can do that, so when do I start

Add me on my discord, please. That would be great.

I have added you my tag is

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