Hello! We are Lost Development. We are working on a game called Robloxia! Which we aim to release around Summer - Fall 2019.

Robloxia! Is a roleplay / town and city game set in the city of Robloxia. Players can buy, decorate and sell their house using RoCash. They can buy cars, get a job and be paid, and live life in Robloxia.

The Team:
Builder/Organiser - AviaByte

About the job

We are looking for developers to help us with the game, in order to get it out by fall. They will also have to help update the game quite frequently in order to keep player counts up. Developers will receive a percentage of game profits. Those percentages, along with open positions, are listed below! All other revenue goes to game ads!

Jobs open: (All are long-term)
Builder / 3D Modeller - 20%
Scripter - 25%
UI Designer 15%


Roblox - AviaByte
Discord - ByteDonut#8793

NOTE: I do not respond to messages on Roblox, and I do not accept friend requests unless you are part of the team. Discord is the preferred method of communication

Please message me on Discord if you are interested! You should be over 13 to apply but other ages may be considered based upon what you can do!


Just curious, but has there been any progress or stuff in the game that has already been made? If so, could you list them? thanks! :slight_smile:

if you need help i can help you with the building :slight_smile: add me to friends on roblox and on discord some things of my games/models on my roblox developer forum profile and is my discord: NinjaKid YT#0725

Looks great, maybe I will think about it and reply tomorrow with an answer.

Just saying. But scripter should be getting more revenue then all of the roles.


I would love to help! Sent a friend request on discord.

Your split on the percentages is quite off in my opinion. The ui designer definitely shouldn’t get 15% if the scripter only gets 20% examply. Also, you keeping 45% is a bit to much in my opinion.


UI Designer is usually better as a flat rate, and scripter should be closer to 60%.

UI Designer should not be paid a percentage
Scripter and builder/modeler should each be splitting revenue 50/50, since this sort of game relies heavily on both areas

Also, what are you doing for the game and where is the other 45% of the games revenue going?
If you’re taking 45% of the revenue for managing I may go into shock


In my opinion, they should if your keeping them long term. But not a large percentage.

for a game that super heavily relies on UI and constant UI changes, i agree … but thats an anomaly

I don’t really think that way at all. There is no difference between a good script and a bad script, as long as they function the same (i.e. a script calculating part-count can’t be remade “better” if it does the same thing). However, building requires time and effort. It also requires great skill.

To build a map is not all that easy if it’s high quality. Builders have to incorporate different techniques, methods, and use their own judgement. I’ve seen you say the following phrase:

On different topics. The scripter and builder can get equal/very similar payment, in my opinion.

Typically though the scripter SHOULD get at least a little more. Without the scripter your game would not be a game AT ALL. It would just be a build with some ui’s. Im not saying throw away the builders entirely or the ui desginers or mesh makers. But personally I would give the scripter more. At least 5-10% more.

I think your approaching this wrongly.

Without the building your game would not be a game too. The builds give the game personality and brings the game to life. As I said before, a programmer isn’t necessarily “better” than another if they have the same knowledge; however a builder can be “better” than another if they have the same knowledge.

I really think equal pay is deserved in this case. Jobs like animations, UIs (unless your game is heavily based on them), music, SFX, GFX, VFX, etc. should be contracted work.
This will be my final response.

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But people approach everything differently. I dont see whats wrong with my opinion on this matter. Personally, I would pay the scripter more. Not a lot more but just a little more :man_shrugging:


For such a long term project, it’s virtually essential to have a flat pay for the commission.

You can’t expect most people to work for, quite literally, months on end without pay, just to bank on your marketing plan. You don’t have money to pay developers at the moment, so how will you have money to advertise?

There are so many unanswered questions in this post.

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This game idea seems simular to RoCitizens?

You obviously haven’t heard of something called time complexity, which is the time taken of a set of code or algorithm relative to the input size. Scripting is more difficult than building and it’s not just about the looks. You can have functions or algorithms that are different in the sense of efficiency, but they may yield the same output.

You undervalue Scripters.


Yeah the percentages are somewhat off, UI designers usually don’t get percentages and the scripter should get a higher percentage.

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