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I hope everyone is having a great day! I’m doing good. :happy1:

(Please read everything carefully so you understand all the aspects and perks that will come with this job, and also so you aren’t confused about anything.) :happy3:

I had an idea for a fun game, but I couldn’t make it on my own as my skills are limited right now. So, I am looking for 3 people to work with me, and create a few games so people can enjoy them!

The idea for a game I had was a minigame-type game, but with some extra twists. There would be minigames that are chosen every round, and the people who lose those minigames would be eliminated. In short, this game would be a minigame tournament, such as the game Obby King, but instead of obbies there would be minigames. Since I don’t want to show the whole game concept, I’ll leave it at that, but that should be enough to show the overall idea. :wink:

Here is the group (you will have to join if you get accepted as a developer.): Celesta Studios - Roblox

(The group is still in development, the logo is temporary for now.)

Looking for:

1 Builder (Closed.)
1 Scripter (Closed.)
1 UI Designer (Closed.)

(I will be the GFX and graphic artist, so please do not ask about that position.)

(We also may hire more short-term developers as we go down the line.)

Expectations for the Team:

  • Kind, respectful, and professional behavior!
  • Ability to create and improvise when faced challenges.
  • Having confidence in their work, and ability to accept constructive criticism.
  • Always helpful, and helps others with suggestions and ideas!
  • A good idea of what colors go well with each other, and make a nice aesthetic.
  • Good grammar and English skills so everyone understands what you are saying!
  • You should be able to make progress every day, as I will be checking!
  • Over the age of 13.
  • And you must have a Discord account, as we will be talking in Discord!

Individual Expectations:

Expectations for our builder!
  • The game build style should be very cartoony but detailed, sort of a build style like Adopt Me or Super Doomspire. We want this game to appeal to the younger age group of Roblox. (7-14)

Some examples are down below: (a build style like the first one would be great!)

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 3.33.08 PM
Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 3.41.00 PM
Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 3.41.24 PM

Expectations for our scripter!

You’ll need to do the following:

  • A data storage system since there will be an inventory system! (No trading.)
  • Ability to script currency and a shop system, such as getting coins (not the official currency of the game) after completing a minigame.
  • Ability to script UI.
  • We’ll need titles and trails, (such as the Tower of Hell trails. They also wouldn’t go sideways, that’s just the way I took the screenshot. :joy: )
    Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 4.15.35 PM
  • Vanity titles for developers. :wink:
  • A crate or box opening system, and we’d need codes for free items.
  • A leveling up system!
  • Ability to script different types of minigames, and a round-based system.
  • We’ll also need emote “stickers” that is similar to the image below: (I will be drawing these, don’t worry. :happy2:)
    Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 3.48.53 PM
Expectations for our UI designer!
  • For this game we’ll need super clean and cartoony UI, some examples are down below. I will create any icons/buttons if needed! We want this game to appeal to the younger age group of Roblox. (7-14 years of age.) (Super Doomspire is a great role model of what UI style we want.)

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 3.40.08 PM

Other Info:

  • I’ll be checking on progress every day, make sure to contribute! (If you have other things to do, I’ll be lenient, and give everyone a break once in a while.)
  • You do not need to voice chat, I will not be voice chatting either. Don’t worry! :happy1:
  • Be prepared to face some challenges and some hard obstacles while creating this game!
  • There will be a list of what each role in this project has to do, you can check off each bullet on the list after you’re done!
  • This will most likely be a long-term project, but if you want to drop out of future projects after this one please notify me.
  • Be prepared to have fun with fellow developers!


For payment I will be paying through percentage, a slice of the profit made by the game. I am confident the game will make a good amount of profit, although I am so, so sorry about the percentage payment, but I do not have enough funds to pay for everyone who will be hired. :sweat_smile:

Builder: 25%
Scripter: 30%
UI: 20%
Me and group funds/advertisements: 25%

Contact me:

If you are interested, please link your portfolio and your Discord tag when you reply, so I know who to accept. Please add me on my alt on Discord, as my actual Discord account is overflowing with FRs and it’d be a pain to find you.

If you get accepted, you will be added to a simple Discord server so we have everyone in the same place!

Discord Alt: InkqoAlt#1937

Thank you for reading this overly long post, since I cannot give you a reward in person, I might as well give you a virtual cookie. :cookie:


i’m a Builder,Scripter And GUI Maker Also Along with one of my Development Friends,

My Discord is: Soda_Can#8064 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Soda_DevRBLX Add me If you want me to Help, I’m Interested

Do you have any type of portfolio where I can see your work all at once? After scrolling through your Twitter I couldn’t find anything. It makes my life a lot easier. :happy3:

ill Post it on my twitter i Have Made This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu7FNfQ15ow

Hey this looks like a cool project that i could get into

i also do low poly contact me on discord beta2#5377 :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’m interested! I currently don’t want to do a long term game development, so I’m trying to find people who want short-term developers!
I sent you a freind request on Discord!
Here’s my portfolio: [CLOSED] New portfolio made
I can also translate your game into Chinese!

Hello there! I’m a scripter, UI Designer and occasionally a builder! If you wish to see my portfolio click here. Discord: MxtzPlays#5452

I’ve added you with my alternate account!

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