[CLOSED] Dinosaur Team-Project Small Contract

Dinosaur Team-Project Contract

About Us

We are a new developing grouped named ‘Cryptic International’. We are creating a containment-roleplay game, which involves dinosaurs.

The Team
@OH_MUFF1N - Manager
@Sirian142 - Scripter
@MrWaffle415 - Builder + Minor Scripts
@GGenderYT - Mesh & Texture Contractor
@Toxic_Beams - Script Contractor
@Empty - Mesh Animation Contractor

We are currently transitioning from one group to the other, so we do not have much to show. !

About The Job

We are looking to have the single dino mesh we have, be implemented a Rig-Animation for when it is walking, and roaring. The scripter may handle implementing the animation if requested.


We are willing to pay $15 USD (Which would be 4,000 :robux:) For the animation.
Prices negotiable. Preferred USD payment.

Contact Us

You may contact us with Discord, at Sirian-#9834. From there we will talk things out.
Please also have a portfolio or example of previous work ready if requested.

Thank you for reading. :slightly_smiling_face:

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