[CLOSED] Discord Bot Developer

ello, my name is jayden and I’ve been on roblox since 2013. I script on roblox, I alternatively make discord bots with Node.js. I’ve been programming for around 4 years now.

I mostly make private models, If you private message me I could probably ask for permission to show my work. If you would like screenshots of my discord bots, private message me on one of my accounts, and I can get to you. As for discord bots, I can make about anything. If I cannot provide what is asked I will either try to get as close as I can or I will tell you.

examples for general scripting:
unpolished party system ([TEST] Party System - Roblox)
destination system from like (2021ish, sold this to some guy lol) (2021-07-05 15-37-50.mp4 - Google Drive)
theres a lot more off the rails stuff i’ve made in passing years from 2021 going, but my old pc was wiped so…

I’m available basically all the time, if I don’t respond to your DM I’m most likely sleeping.

Discord Bots: 1000 robux or 5$ paypal
General Scripting: 2500 robux or 7.25$ paypal
I prefer paypal but robux is accepted.
My rate is: 500r/hr or 4.25$/hr/ 5$/500r per asset which is debatable

I don’t really read my devforum messages, so you can private message on discord at: j2#1558.

thanks for reading my portfolio
my other portfolio
my talent portfolio