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Hello, I am looking for a mid-high poly builder to make a castle-styled map that will be used for a currently classified project. The project will be similar to MM2 where you will be able to hide and roam around looking for cool spots to hide in etc. You will be expected to make a nice unique castle which won’t be too medieval. I am looking for a HIGH-quality interior and partial exterior and It should include no dead space such as long corridors and must be proportioned correctly with the height of our characters. The map must make sense and you must sketch a layout before creating this map. The map size we are aiming for is 569x549 maybe slightly bigger. You will be working with another developer in order to create this map.

What we expect from you:

We expect you to follow this guide as it really helps us understand your idea of making a map.
Have a DevForum Portfolio and vouches/reviews.

Contact: Discord - iiUnisTy#8356
Payment: 20,000 Robux+

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