(Closed) Doing Free Animations!

Hey!!! I’m getting used to other animation softwares, I might do this again soon!

Hello all! I am fairly new to the devforum, and one of the reasons why I came here was to get a lot more experience for myself. I am an average animator and I am going to be doing free animations (Primarily R6, but if you need a simple R15 animation I can do that as well) for a while, primarily to gain experience and to use some of them in a future portfolio. Also, If you have any critiques or tips for my animations, please tell me! (This portfolio is a big wip)

My Work

I will add some more of my work here soon.

You can contact me via discord or roblox. (Preferably discord) My tag is (closed). Send me a message on the devforum so I know who you are

Thanks for your time!

(Before you ask, I use blender to animate and moon animator for extras such as animating a weapon or external item)


I sent you friend request on discord!

Got what I asked for, some minor issues but he managed to resolve them without a problem.

Only took a day and a half to get the job done, very friendly and easy to communicate with. Amazing work!

Would definitely recommend


can i get a animation please add me