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Hello there! I hope you are staying safe among the recent events.

Game Information

My group (Electric State Clan Community) and I are looking for developers for our game. Our game is an open world survival game with factors and a combination between Minecraft and Rust. You start off fresh with nothing and you have to go through and find guns, materials, and heals to survive. While trying to get more and more stuff, other players will try attacking you with their clan. You must hide and defend your loot by making your own clan and base. (If you’d like to learn more about the game, keep reading)

The Job

The Electric State Clan Community is looking for a…

Terrain Artist who can make roads, terrain, and possibly buildings. We expect high quality terrain. 30k studs.

An Animator for animations such as gun animations, bandaging animation, crafting animation, and much more.


We can give 0-10k per job. If you are super skilled and want more, then we can negotiate but that’s only if you are very skilled.


Contact me on discord! phorba#8385

Must be 13 years or older to apply. Have a nice rest of your day!


I’m interested in the modeling job! My Discord is PeroScape#6811.


we are currently still in need of all jobs!

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I’d be interested in working on your game! Here is my portfolio. My tag is The Bloxxy Hunter#6628. Hope to hear back!

amazing work! i have added you on discord. looking forward to doing business with you!

we have opened the application up! good luck

it’s still open! please dm me about the terrain job

Hey! I’m very interested in the terrain job. I can expect low payment and that is fine with me!


Hello I’m interested in the building job. I’ve sent a friend request on Discord!

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i didn’t get it. can you send it again? thank you

the spot is still open! message me on discord

the spots have reopened! please message me on discord!

the animator job is still open! message me on discord!

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