[CLOSED DUE TEHNICAL ISSUES!] Anix_Y, builder opened for business!

:wave: About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a builder. I am building for 2 years, and I am opened for business! I am very good at creating small props, asset and smaller buildings. ( I donโ€™t build huge things!)

:building_construction: You can view my previous work here!

Past work!

:clock11: Availability
I am available for 3-5 hrs a each day in week, except Sunday when I take a little break from work.

:moneybag: Payment
Prices are negotiable,I accept both USD trough paypal and Robux via group funds. Preffered payment in Robux would be around 350$ or 4$ USD on paypal! :money_with_wings:

:phone: Contact
You can contact me here on the discord! Josip_V#9247

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Note: I currently donโ€™t work on games that are still work in progress. Itโ€™s very risky because game might not get popular and all work I did might go to waste. Thanks for understanding!