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yep i have a few of them where do you want me to send them

You can message me or send them on a reply.

do you need a clothing desginer or an Idea person because i have LOTS OF GAME IDEAS

Sure! What are your ideas? (Message me on DevFroums)

do you have discord?
30 charrrrrrrrsssssss

i’ll be applying; contact me here on devforums (:

Unfortunately. We are only hiring 1 builder. This is because we are working with a small budget and do not have enough robux to add you as a builder.

Sent you a message, I’m interested in the Scripter position as well.


Alright! You seem pretty good. Game will go into development in 1 - 2 months. Your hired

dmed you on devfourm
30 charssssssss

Most developers on the platform don’t do work for you unless you guarantee them that you can pay.

also to clairfy @IISteveysqII. he doesn’t have the funds yet, he is paying you out of the robux his game makes but theres no confirmation it will succeed, if I am understanding right.

It specifically says that I have a backup payment of 40k robux.

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Apologies for the error on my part.
I’m a GFX designer, please contact me Msami#3783 if your interested.

15k a year isn’t that much, thats 52$ a year. That is really bad.

Actually. 15k Cost 150$ unless you’re talking about devexing it.

I will PM you on dev forum regarding this.

Unfortunately, I already have a GFX Designer and logo designer. If I hired another one, I would not have enough robux to pay them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

One year before payment? Imagine if I depended on this for a living, I shall surely starve.

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$50 a year… That doesn’t seem right.

Assuming you work about an hour a day, that’s about 14 cents an hour. Wonderful.