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Do you know if you need animators?

We might. I’m still coming up with a game idea. I will message you on DevForums if we need an animator.

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Hey there, I’m interested in the Moderator position. I’ve messaged you on the developer forum.

Payment over a year seems a bit excessive, and what happens if a dev needs to leave for some reason? Would he be payed for his work he had already done?

I’m a bit concerned on the prices. Yearly payments are extremely vague especially because you don’t know how much you’ll be doing that year, whether you’ll be working a handful of hours for such limited payment, if you’re only doing something once a month, etc…

Nonetheless with all of that aside, 20,000 ROBUX/yr is less then you make from Premium. Way to low in my opinion.

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Yes… (30charsssssssssssssss)

Price’s might go higher if the game is a decent success (50k+ - 500k+ Visits)

Doesn’t matter if payment may go higher, those are just projections, nothing is actually set in stone. I don’t think anyone should take a job for 20,000RBX/yr at all, even if they “may get more!”

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yes but why in a year wat happends if they have to go this could be a very easy scam

They will be payed the amount they worked for. No exceptions.

do you have discord so you can add me?

But why in a year
30 charssssssssssssss

TinexRB is that a yes or no on whether you got discord or not

Unfortunately, no. I don’t have Discord. Sorry for the inconvenience. I prefer you contact me on DevForums.

oh thats kinda bad tbh because by using discord its way easier to communicate

im applying as builder by the way and im very experienced

There is a monthly payment. We are working on a low budget. The work time is around 30 minutes each day. Prices may vary if the game is a success.

ok i don’t mind working for you guys as long as you promise to pay the robux

Ok! Do you have a portfolio? If not. That’s fine.