[CLOSED] EiggerNomis42 - 2D|3D Graphic Artist


Good Day! My name is Reggie, I am offering my services as a Graphic Artist and as a Graphic Designer. I specialize in creating 2D Artworks, 3D Artworks, and Designing in general.


Here are some of my own creations:

2D Art

Game Thumbnails

Backpacking Fan Art (1920x1080)

The Cold Journey (1920x1080)

Other 2D Artworks

Social Media Graphics

Borock Character Re-Design (1024x1024)

“Wild West Bandit” (1024x1024)

PiggyXMafia (1048x1321)

Battleblox In-game Decals


Logo for Illustrious Studios

Redesigned Logo for Sen’s Shrine

3D Art

Game Thumbnails

The Neighborhood Game Thumbnail (1920x1080)

Power Pets Game Thumbnail (2160x1080)

Town Of Salem RBLX Game Thumbnail (1920x1080)

Missing Information Game Thumbnail (1920x1080)

BattleBox Game Thumbnail (3240x1620)

Ferrari 812 Render (2160x1080)

“City at Night” (1920x1080)

Buff Noob in the Lake (1920x1080)

Game Icons

The Neighborhood Game Icon

BatmanRBLX Game Icon

Sword Legends Simulator Game Icon

Group Game Themed Icon Set for ETNRBLX

Character Renders

Simple Character Renders


Animated Poster


Twitter Banner for Murlesque Opera House

You can check out all of my past works in my ArtStation Portfolio: EiggerNomis42 Portfolio


  • My Timezone is GMT+8

  • I am available to work for 6 to 8 Hours on the WEEKDAYS.


Terms of Service
  • I have the right to decline your request.

  • Do not rush me or consistently ask for updates, I will send you an update of the artwork(s)

  • You are able to cancel your commission ONLY if I haven’t started it yet ( I will notify you if I am working on your commission and I’ll give you the ability to cancel the commission).

  • You can ask me to re-do the entire artwork if you’re not satisfied only if you’re willing to pay 20% more of the agreed payment.

I only accept Robux via Group Funds or USD via Paypal. My preferred payment method is USD via Paypal.

If you have other forms of payment and/or want to negotiate a price, ask me and we will see if we can make an agreement.

Prices are negotiable.



Contact me by using the following information:

Contact Information

Discord: EiggerNomis42#1000
Twitter : EiggerNomis42
You can also contact me here, Message me. (DevForum) :smiley:

Here are also some links of my Social Media:

Additional Information

Additional Information
  • It usually takes me either 1-5 Days to make an artwork (Depends Solely on the Artwork).
    If we have an agreement of a deadline, where BOTH of us agreed, then expect it to be delivered at the said date. If I have gone overboard or exceeded to the agreed deadline, I will personally offer you the artwork(s) for free.

  • My prices depends on the amount of time I have put into them, so If I have put too much time on your request I might have to charge extra.

  • Referrals/ Referring me to possible clients is highly appreciated!

  • I welcome criticism, I am thankful to see if there are different points I have lacked upon so I welcome any forms of criticism.

  • Check out my Twitter, It’s where I showcase some of my WIPs, Artworks, and you might get to know me better in that platform. :eyes:

  • If you have any questions ask them down below or contact me I’ll respond to them as soon as possible.

Thank you, and have a nice day. :smiley:


Great artwork considering that you’re only about 4 months in, will definitely hire you a for a game icon soon!


Thank you! Looking forward to it :smiley:

Added a new artwork in 3D Rendered Showcase, Added some examples of Simple Character Renders (will be adding more), edited and re-organized some information. Commissions are still open :smiley:

Commissions are closed for this month of May.
Commissions will re-open at June 8, 2020.
Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Commissions are now open for the month of June :partying_face:

  • Changes in prices to mediate demand.
  • Removed some of the outdated artworks and added a couple of new ones.
  • Added 2D Art in the services I offer.
  • Added some necessary Information
  • New Commission Sheet.

Third Week of June - Comms are still Open :partying_face:

  • Added some new examples
  • Revamped some information

Final Week of Commissions for the Month of June :partying_face:
Comms will closed at June 28, 2020

  • Added new categories
  • Added new examples
  • Removed irrelevant information

Commissions for the month of June are now closed earlier than promised :partying_face:
Will Re-Open on July 8, 2020
Thank you and have a nice day! :smiley:

I’m interested in hiring.

Just wondering (to avoid waste of time),

Is it possible for you to do 8 emotion stickers (for YT memberships)?

If yes, how much for?

(Obviously, I’ll send you references etc.)

Good Day!

Apologies for the late reply.
I can definitely create your request! The price depends on the complexity and estimated time it will take me. If you need more of a specific price range, Messaged me privately on any of the contact information I’ve provided above.

However, I might have to delay your commission as you can see I’m still closed on taking requests. Might have to reschedule the opening of commissions for this week/month due to a lot of artworks I still have to finish up, so I’m sorry for that matter.
(Estimated to be Open for Commissions on July 8, 2020)

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Commissions for the month of July are now open :partying_face:

  • Added a couple of artworks
  • Price changes
  • Updated Contact Information

Will Re-Open until further notice
THANK YOU ALL! :partying_face:

Commissions for the month of August are now open! :partying_face:

  • Added and Removed some Examples
  • New Comm Sheet and New Terms
  • Added ArtStation Portfolio
  • Removed and Overall Revamped some Information

You are a very talented artist with a lovely style, I hope you get many commissions

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Hey! Just DMed you. I’m interested in buying some logos and such, samtheman#7181.

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Thank you (and Coming from one of the fellow artist that I look up to! :open_mouth:) Highly Appreciate it :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Just amazing.

I am a person who sneaks through portfolios daily. I rarely post reviews and if I do they’re mainly negative, but here definitely have to pull out a big fat praise! Your work is beyond exceptional. You can definitely see, that every piece was made with effort, passion and loads of creativity (especially the 2D artworks). I can barely find any comparable work here on a Devforum, which just shows how special and unique your work truly is.

Keep going and pull out more of those fantastic and creative pieces. Good luck on your further commissions! :happy3:

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Wow, Thank you so much!
Your kind words motivates me to go further!
Thank you really appreciate it deeply :heart:

Second Week of August! Still Open! :partying_face:

  • Added a couple of examples
  • Removed Unnecessary Information