About Me:

Hey, there! My name is Croatian4K you can call me Cro, I have been Modeling for well over 3 years while I build on Roblox for well over 4 years! I am looking forward to be working with you!

Modeling / Building:


Terms of Service:

These are all base prices, as your task gets harder, the price will become higher!
I am willing to try everything even if it’s never done before. Once you order you will get added to the list it usually takes a week to complete the order. Please provide all details at the beginning, once you have paid for the commission I’m not going to add any more builds that are not provided before making an order. Everyone needs to pay upfront in case you end up wasting my time or you decline the order.
In case you will be rude and you already paid for your commission and I decide not to work with you anymore I am obligated to give you 50% of the paid commission back. Why not 100%? Because you were rude and wasted my time for nothing and that’s why I keep 50% of the payment. I also have the right to post your commission on any of my socials but if you don’t want me to tag you I won’t tag you. Revisions last only 24hrs if you dm me after that time wanting any changes sorry I won’t be doing them if you don’t have an exact description of anything you want to order and you say it’s up to me don’t expect any changes on it because you didn’t have an exact description when I asked you to send it.


I am available from 7:00 AM till 9:00 PM, I am in the GMT +2 Timezone so you can convert the time to your time zone!


(All payments are done upfront meaning you pay before I start working and then I put you on the list of waiting. sometimes maybe that’s the same day sometimes maybe it’s a week.)

ASSETS: 5,000R$+ (If your commission is harder price will be higher)
NORMAL MAP: 30,000R$+ (If your commission is harder price will be higher)
PREMIUM MAP: 50,000R$+ (If your commission is harder price will be higher)


I am willing to see if your project is something I am interested in taking % of, But I do want some sort of backup payment which will be done UP-FRONT AS ALL MY SERVICES


I will always check Twitter so you can DM me on Twitter: @Croatian4K
I am always on discord so you can contact me thereby sending me a friend request

Looking forward to working with you! :slight_smile:


Very fast and great modeler. I ordered several pets off him and the quality was outstanding! Highly recommend Croatain to anyone who is looking for pets, builds, and GFX!


Very fast and talented modeler! I highly recommend croatian i have ordered 2 times now and he never disappointed!


One of the best modelers out there! He always fast, reliable and very kind! I was commissioning Croatian from end of 2020 and he have done lot of commissions for me, definetly recommend Croatian!!


An extremely consistent and hard working modeler, haven’t been in touch with anyone better!


Very friendly with diverse and well-rounded skills! Vouch! :slight_smile:

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Fantastic modeler and very professional, super happy with the end result. I would defently recommend his services!

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Amazing, I can’t believe the skill. He is not like others he puts time and he is serious about these builds. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the results. I feel like I am scamming him cause his builds are worth more than what I paid. Amazing! I would honestly order with this summer special. It is the best thing to ever happen!

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Definitely not recommend, he harshed me by leaking and hurting feelings

Plus, he is impatient

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Wow, that is very unprofessional. Can you show proof? I am looking at the reviews above and it makes it almost hard to believe this without proof.



Look down at the post, ready carefully

Worth ordering ! If you looking for someone, Croatians the guy!

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If you’re going to do something please do it right, aka show full messages of our DMS, and not someone else’s as well what do I have to do with them… just shows how you really “lead” your business


For the Business Cat read my Important section says, if you will be rude I won’t work or if you waste my time you dmed me 3 times wanting to order and never did and I have never leaked your informations:https://twitter.com/Croatian4K/status/1413389296372002817

And if I did it says I have every right to do it in the Important section so thank you for your collaboration!


All Your Commissions Are With Tax?

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None of the prices are with tax, tax is calculated to those prices later on

Best Modeler/Builder I ever commissioned, he is very fast with work, best quality and friendly! I highly recommend ordering from Croatian!

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I hired Croatian for a commission and it was just AMAZING!!
It was a fast delivery, great communication and exactly just how I wanted it!!!
I recommend Croatian for any type of commission you need, because he’s the best of the best!

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