[Closed] Experienced clothing designers!

About Us

Hello! We are a clothing group called Lazy Squad(all day everyday). We are currently looking for experienced clothing designers and active members.

Our Team

@iiSimplxs - Owner
@DLlandy -Staff member
@k38pilot -Staff member
@Killer328516 -Staff member
-Here is a link to the group, so you can see what we have done so far and how it is going: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4818610/Lazy-Squad-All-day-everyday#!/about

About The Job

We are looking for experienced designers that have been designing for 3+ months. We need you to be able to upload daily and to be active.


We will pay by robux. Pay days are on Saturday and we pay 0-50 every week. We can increase pay, but it depends on how well you design and do.

Contact Us

Contact me here is you are interested in joining! Discord: iiSimplxs#0411


I didn’t pick the payment price, they’ll have to talk to @iiSimplxs about it.

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Okay, I asked her she said this “Hi! I put the price to 50, because we are just starting. Plus, I said I can increase pay, but only on how well you are and do, but it also depends on if we get or make any group funds that week. :)”

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I don’t have Discord but here is my portfolio and commission web.


Commission Web.: https://missmae15.carrd.co/

The prices are fine with me.


Okie, can you add iiSimplxs on Roblox? (She can’t reply on the dev forum so I’m replying sorry.) Here’s her profile https://www.roblox.com/users/1735517550/profile.


Added! Do I now contact her on Roblox chat?

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Yes, please message her on Roblox. :))

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