[CLOSED] Experienced Community Manager [3+ years of experience]

[OPEN] Experienced Community Manager For Hire

Hey there! My name is Wiktor and I’m a 16 year old boy from Poland (used to live in the UK). I love to take my job serious, and professional but alongside having fun. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m proud to introduce myself as a Experienced Community Manager. I started my Project Managing/Community Management 3+ years ago and held title of [Group Management]. My experience started from simple ROBLOX group moderating, to important group management! I have been on the ROBLOX Platform since 17/10/2017 and have managed many projects/groups along my journey!

One thing I like to achieve as a Community Manager is to create a cool, safe and stress reduction atmosphere throughout my Community Members and Staff - Whether it will be running the Development Team, hosting Community Events, or managing Staff I’m here to take the stress away! :innocent:

I am also very lucky, to be working for Limitless Studio - Roblox | @towerofmisery :bird: - Proud to say I have watched the group grow from around 100 thousand, to nearly 250+ thousand. Last week we reached 1 BILLION experience visits! :partying_face:

Ever wondered what a Community Manager does? :thinking: Well look no further!

A Community Manager is an expert on Social Networks and the person in charge of digital strategies . However, a Community Manager is more than just this. They are the professionals working within the Digital Marketing department and responsible for the management and development of a brand’s online community. A Community Manager must establish a strategy and goals focused on the company’s social media. To do so, CMs work on different areas:

  • Creation and management of content
  • Monitorization of social networks
  • Social media analytics
  • Action Plan for digital marketing
  • Connection with the community

A Community Manager also engages the community to participate in different evens hosted by the Community Representatives also known as the team. :sunglasses:

You may read more at this page: What exactly is a community manager and why do I need one?

As I mentioned above, I’m very proud to be managing such a big community! Limitless Studio - Roblox | @towerofmisery on twitter! :bird:

I understand that members aren’t always the best on feedback, yet it is extremely important for members to be heard. After all, they are the main supporters of any project.

With that being said, from my experience, it has always been best to introduce tester positions for members of the community. As half the time when you believe a game is ready to be released, there will always be unknown bugs. Testers are a good way to keep up community morale, while improving mechanics in games. Plus who else will spam a button enough times to break a game? :cow:

Taking it professionally, I also invest time in spending time with the Community Members. It allows them to feel heard, and it allows me to understand matters from their perspective. This is also a way of networking! :blue_heart:

My SkillSet
  • Excellent delegation control
  • Profound at researching required references and resources for projects
  • Project planning skills
  • Open to feedback to better my abilities
  • An array of organization skills
  • Create, manage, and abide by schedules
  • Magnificent conflict resolution skills
  • Creative thinking, multitasking, threat detection, “getting under the skin” of the community.
  • Adaptability
  • Sociability
  • Flexibility
  • Easily create long-lasting relationship within communities that improve project quality
My Management Style
  1. Forwarding any issues the players are facing. This includes promoting feedback, bugs, and concerns by the community to the developmental team.
  2. Manage your Discord community and Social channels.
  3. Make players happy through engagement.
  4. Understand and work on improving the community’s sentiment.
  5. Engage with the player base through events, giveaways, private messages, etc.
  6. Act as the spokesperson of your game to the community.
  7. Contribute to growing the community and attract more players.

When managing a small or large team, I enjoy making a relationship with each of them. Any developer who I have had the opportunity to work with can tell you that I have always created a friendly environment. We will often find ourselves laughing, smiling, and enjoying the time we invest on projects - to add to this, I have never missed a deadline.

As I keep referring to the same statement, the community is one of the most important resources in a project. The community members are the backbone of any project, as they will be the ones who make or break the final result.

Having a small laugh here, but I haven’t been noting down my experiences nor where I have worked at, and this is very sketchy when it comes to hiring someone with “no” experience. As I have mentioned above, I have got many knowledge about this position and I am very trustful when it comes to permissions (but I haven’t been noting down my experiences)

Currently work at: Limitless Studio - Roblox | @towerofmisery :bird:
My own project: Involving Studios - Roblox | @involvingstudio :bird:

My payment is fully negotiable, I will accept ROBUX :robux: or USD (Paypal) :large_blue_circle:

I will dedicate 2-4 hours every weekday, on your project. I also work on weekends, but make sure to let me know if you want me to work on weekends. I do not want to be strict on payment, as I’m looking to build a relationship with game developers/group owners and of course I want to build my experience.

If a game is already published, and has a stable amount of funding I will accept a % of the group/game.

:dash: Discord - Wiktor.#0001
:bird: Twitter - @wiktorsoltysik
:roblox: Devforum - You may also contact me here on devforum, but the fastest way to contact me is on discord!

Thank you for taking time to read this post, have a great day/night!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wiktor is a highly professional and expert community manager. He knows what his staff’s needs are and respects their contributions made. I would highly recommend Wiktor to anyone out there looking for a good community manager. It was a pleasure to work along with him and hope to do so in future.

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I work at limitless studio as a community representative, and Wiktor has always met everyone’s expectations. He listens to both his staff members and the community, and he is very organized. I fully recommend Wiktor to anyone who needs a community manager.

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Wiktor is active within the community and has good organization skills in managing social platforms and staff teams. His methods are effective in improving community engagement and the overall environment.

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Copied paragraphs from my resume without even asking me or telling me then used the excuse it was a “place holder”, Then proceeds to copy paragraphs from online and didn’t credit his sources until after confronted, Then deleted my message after I exposed him in the community representatives server, and he made a staff announcement and public announcement saying it was “important and urgent” to have people vouch below his portfolio so he can get hired more. Confronted about it to him in private dm’s and all he had to say was “im sorry” Seems like he doesn’t want to handle it in private dms so I’ll just post my experience with him below here. There are other representatives who also felt the same way about this and you say you have been managing since you were 11 so this post is a bit odd.

First of all, this has been sorted. Second of all, my group management was started since I was 11 in cafe roblox original groups, without having discord.

Ignored all my other responses/comments haha nice one, and if this was already sorted I wouldn’t have posted it on here, Someone told me more info about you and you are trying to delete everything I say about you so you don’t seem like a coward. That’s all I’m going to have to say since I don’t want to cause drama on devforum but if you still continue this I’ll provide picture proof of the convo’s and you stealing from me Also you say you didn’t have discord back then but when I look up how old your account is it appears it was created in 2018, 3 years ago so want to explain?

Thank you, same goes to you. We have had ups and downs, but it’s always ended up in something great :sunglasses::eyes: