[Closed] - Experienced Fast builder [25% + R$85,000+] & Animator [10% + R$35,000]

Hi there! We are Dominoes Studio Inc and we are currently working on a fun adventure RPG/Fantasy game. We hope for development to be finished by April 2020. We are currently hiring as many people we can to boost our progress and make our game to perfection :+1:.

@RedDominoKnight - Lead Developer - 5%
@se_TQ - UI Designer - 20% - R$60K+
@mhty5 - Scripter 35% + R$100K+
@To Be Chosen - Animator - 10% + R$35K+
@To Be Chosen - Builder - 25% + R$85K+

We are going to keep our progress private.

We are looking for people who can meet our standards and work well in a team with each other. We are looking for trustful, respectful and well-mannered people who can work and joke at the same time. We expect fast workers who reply quickly and work professionally. For a builder, we need lots and lots of maps completed by next year April 2020 and we expect our animators to do the same things as well

We are going to be sharing a percentage from the games earned revenue. The builder will receive 25% of the revenue and animators will be receiving 10%. However, this will be topped up by :robux_gold:85K+ for the builders and :robux_gold:35K+. This is still negotiable. This will be payed AFTER TEH RELEASE OF THE GAME

You can contact/apply by sending us a message here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at:

You must be 13 years or older to apply due to the DevEx age requirement.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Individually I’m interested, I messaged you on Discord and hope to make progress from there. :slight_smile:

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All payments are upfront correct? Meaning once the jobs done, you get paid right away.

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Yes, you work in a team abide by the minor rules and also work consistently with the team. you will be payed Your full amount + More if you need.

Mk, just wondering since I saw your scripting post talking about how people would get paid AFTER the game launches. Since this is not the case, I would be happy to apply. [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder and UI Designer

Hey i’m interested in building. Please DM me back on dev forum. Thanks!

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I contacted you on discord! I would love to learn what type of style you are looking for

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How can you guarantee that developers will definitely be paid the amount promised to them, alongside the game percentage? It’s a lot of money which you are offering and I am scared that you’re offering this money only after the game is released. Are these funds that you already have or funds you are anticipating the game to make?

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I replied back to DisturebSinox’s question saying you’ll be payed after the job

Is the builder expected to know how to use Blender and create 3D models? If not I might consider applying for this.

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As long as the builds needed is at its highest standards and if it meets my rates then yes

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