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About me

Currently: Not available :x:

Hello, I am a British programmer fluent in LuaU and currently learning JavaScript; I have been programming on ROBLOX for around 4 years, final year GCSE student studying computer science right now and going to be pursuing a computer science major in the future.

Why you should hire me

  • Fluent in LuaU and can use JavaScript to an extent
  • Able to edit and change code made by other programmers
  • Knowledgeable about most of the ROBLOX API
  • Mature and professional when working
  • Great communication skills
  • I have a microphone when meetings are held
  • Flexible with making changes if needed
  • Open to constructive criticism and feeback
  • Active and online for around 4-5 hours a day
  • Knowledge with OOP
  • Fluent in English
  • Great math and physics understanding that I can implement into my code
  • Able to use Trello/Jira and report on progress

What do I know?

I can basically do mostly anything you want if it’s something as simple as making a function to using datastores, coroutines and advanced ROBLOX API - also pretty good at handling UI:

  • CFrames
  • Metatables
  • Physics related (BodyVelocity, gravity, mass)
  • Math related (Vectors, .Unit, magnitudes)
  • Datastores (values, inventories, other)
  • String manipulation
  • Coroutines (spawn() is inefficient)
  • OOP (making code more concise and making returning functions and data easier)
  • Remotes and bindables (secure to prevent exploiters)
  • Raycasting
  • Using functions and events efficiently
  • HttpService
  • Efficiently create and use modular code
  • Tweening
  • Much more

What else can I do other than programming?

I am pretty great with UI and know when to use scale and offset correctly; add additional features like UIGradient and UIListLayout efficiently to enhance user-gameplay and implement this within my code.
(See automatic vehicle spawner showcase down below)

Reference portfolio (I haven’t updated it in a while but this is just for reference I’ll link my more recent work below): scripting portfolio, by cookie#1101 - Google Docs

I highly recommend not basing me off my portfolio, instead feel free to question me and my understanding, I’ve linked my most recent work below.

Notable groups and high paying commissions I have worked on

I have worked with Dellkiller123’s USAF, (I have been paid a lot more but I don’t want to flood this application with multiple screenshots, this is just proof):

Materiel Command [USA] - Roblox

HelixKrober’s 20,000 robux simulator commission:

(He has been terminated from ROBLOX) Helix Studios Official - Roblox Helix Studios | Hiring Advanced Scripter | 20K RBX - #6 by darai_n

$1000 long-term work on an SCPF (You can see progress here:) [$ + %] Official Foundation looking for experienced and advanced developers, project has been abandoned since the owner couldn’t keep up with expenses

Recent work

Fully automatic vehicle spawn system: Vehicle Spawner System - Roblox
A flexible automatic vehicle spawning system:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • No scripting needed to set up the system
  • Set up multiple spawners around the map
  • 1 car per player system
  • Touch detection w/ debounce to prevent exploits and mass-vehicle spawning
  • When the player leaves their vehicle is removed from the game

How does the consumer use it?

All the buyer has to do is place their car model in a folder called “Vehicles” in ReplicatedStorage and set the primary part of the model (A-Chassis)

How did I script it?

  • Automatic UI spawning:
    Iterating through the Vehicles folder to find all the vehicle models then creating a UI button to place in the Holder scrolling-frame which uses a UIListLayout to position the UI.

  • Checking which spawner was triggered (via ProximityPrompt)
    Iterating throughout the Workspace folders where the vehicle spawners are placed, it will find the ProximityPrompts and then make a single connection with all of them waiting for it to be triggered; when a ProximityPrompt is triggered it will find the parent of it and then find the spawn position and which vehicle spawner the player is using; (it will then bring out the UI)

  • Checking which button is clicked and returning the vehicle
    When the UI is opened it will use the same method, (iterating through the UI and making a single connection for all the buttons), it will check the Text of the button and if it matches with the Vehicle folder in ReplicatedStorage then fire a remote to the server passing down this information.

  • Receiving the information (filtering it to prevent exploiters) and spawning the vehicle
    After the information is passed down to the server the first thing that will happen is a function will check in the pre-made player.Name.."'s folder" when they joined the game and check whether they have a vehicle under their name already; if they do then it will destroy the current vehicle and carry on with the script. This function already prevents exploiters from mass-spawning cars; however there is another function that really stops exploiters:

  • :GetTouchingParts() function
    I made a function that uses :GetTouchingParts() to check if the anything is touching the spawner and if it’s ancestor is a model, this is ingenious because exploiters cannot keep firing the remote every second to lag the game and it checks if there is already a vehicle touching. There is more to this function like making a connection with the .Touched`` event then disconnecting to get the TouchInterest` property so it actually works.

  • Spawning the vehicle
    Self-explanatory, uses the information passed down from the remote (I have been careful not pass down Vector3 values and the actual spawner instance so exploiters cannot spawn cars wherever they like, also checking whether the part’s name is “Spawner” on the server.)

It will make more sense when you test it out!

Custom made combat system: Combat system - Roblox
Click to punch
Hold click to heavy punch
Hold X to block
Custom ragdoll system for R6

Feel free to test this out as well, I would not want to bore you with my explanations again; however, I was just showing how secure and how efficient my car system was but I’ll provide you with some Pastebin links so you can check out the modular and server-sided code behind the combat system:

I have many more examples but these are my most recent works, you can contact me to ask me for more examples

Recent work video links

Other small commissions and long-term work

Advanced character customisation system w/ easy compatibility

Long-term work on Starwars genre type game


I take:

  • Robux - Robux:USD rates*135R$1350 : $10 (This is mainly to cover the 35% DevEx tax rates, flexible with robux and open to negotiation)

  • USD - Via PayPal, flexible and open to negotiation

  • Percentages/game profits - Note: only games that are successful or if I see potential in them will be offered this deal

  • Other - ROBLOX gift cards, limiteds, discord nitro etc.

Thank you for reading my resumé, if you have any questions/want to see more work you can add me on Discord or reply to me here - (preferably Discord for a quicker reply.)

Discord: cookie'#3984
ROBLOX: supercookie304
Email: darainsye.12345@gmail.com

Portfolio will be updated regularly with new content every week-month; stay tuned.


Cookie and I have worked before on multiple projects and I can say with full confidence that he knows what he is doing. His work is amazing and I would absolutely recommend him for anything you need programmed.

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Awesome portfolio! :slight_smile:


I have been working with cookie for a month now and I can say that he is the best scripter I have ever met. Fast, friendly, and fast working person.

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