[CLOSED] Experienced Project Manager and Producer (10+ Years Experience)

Greetings, and lovely to meet you. My name is Akitonyko/Akito!

In the last year alone, I have had the opportunity to assist a business on this platform grow exponentially. Starting off as community manager, before switching gears to project manager, I had generated well over R$10M Robux for the project. I had watched it go from a game of a few hundred, to over 140k!

One of the things I strive to achieve as a project manager is stress reduction. I want to relieve the stress that you take on when managing your project. Whether it be running the developer team, hosting scrums, to meeting with members of the community for feedback-- I am here to take the stress away. With experience stretching over a decade in this field, I am here to ensure your project is running at full-potential.

My Management Experience
As mentioned above, in the last year, I have had the opportunity of running a QA team of over 100 individuals. I found this to be important. As despite managing the developers, I had to ensure that what was being produced was beneficial in the long/short run.

I understand that members aren’t always the best on feedback, yet it is extremely important for members to be heard. After all, they are the main supporters of any project.

With that being said, from my experience, it has always been best to introduce tester positions for members of the community. As half the time when you believe a game is ready to be released, there will always be unknown bugs. Testers are a good way to keep up community morale, while improving mechanics in games. Plus who else will spam a button enough times to break a game?

Despite keeping it professional, I always take it a step further to invest time with community members. It allows them to feel heard, and it allows me to understand matters from their perspective. This is also a way of networking, as I have had situations arise where I’ve managed to hire lovely developers through small relationships created through basic interactions within communities.

Growing up, I had invested much of my time on Minecraft Servers. This led to several opportunities arising, leading to obtaining the skills I have today. From the age of 11 onwards, I have been managing projects on a large scale. To put it in perspective, I will list a few servers that I worked with:

  • TheViperNetwork - Head-Admin
  • MysticEmpire - Builder to Head-Admin/Project Lead
  • Aranarth - Project Lead to Co-Owner
  • Multiple RP Servers - Moderator, Builder, Admin, Head-Admin/Project Lead, Co-Owner
  • Vanilla/Towny Servers - Moderator, Head-Admin/Project Lead

(Please note that for “Multiple RP Servers” & “Vanilla/Towny Server” there have been several servers, and due to such I no longer recall the names of the said servers.)

My Management Style (Extra/About Me)

When managing a small or large team, I enjoy making connections with each of them. Any developer who I have had the opportunity to work with can tell you that I have always created a friendly environment. We will often find ourselves laughing, smiling, and enjoying the time we invest on projects. With that being said, that does not mean that I will let our relations get in the way of business. I have never missed a deadline, and I do not intend to begin now.

With the team that I currently have employed, we have weekly meetings. At the set meeting we discussed the progress they had made in the week that just passed. We address any comments/concerns they may have, before moving on to the tasks being assigned for the week to come. This method has worked well with my teams thus far, as it does not overwhelm our developers with the bigger picture. I leave that stress to me, as I know what must be accomplished. As a PM, it is my job to ensure maximum productivity while ensuring no burnouts.

As I mentioned I do not wish to overwhelm them, that does not mean that I do not have deadlines. They are aware of the expectations I have for them on their weekly tasks, and I tend not to budge unless there is a valid reason. Keep in mind, when managing a team it is a two-way street. Yet to date, this system has not failed me.

Personally, I am a visual learner. I find that when I comprise a clear, and concise, depiction of what I am asking for-- it works best. I cover all details required for my team to comprehend the tasks at hand. I do this as I do not wish for my team to halt development to ask questions. Which is why when I create these depictions, I avoid that stressor altogether.

As I keep reiterating, the community is one of the most important resources in a project. To engage with the community, ensures a prosperous project. The community members are the backbone of any project, as they will be the ones who make or break the final result. Having experience in community management, I always find unique and intricate ways of utilizing this resource. Whether it be scheduling Q&As, creating events, or simply speaking with the community-- beneficial results are always yielded.

Overall I have the knowledge from administrative positions, and moderation positions. I also have insight into the industry due to being a game development student in college. Nonetheless, I would love to reduce the stress on your projects. I truly enjoy being a part of a community that I work with. Leave the work to me, and I will ensure optimal results.

  • Knowledge of the four ceremonies of Scrum and how to do sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, and sprint retrospective (including backlog)
  • Scrum Master Capabilities
  • Understanding of Trello
  • Capable of creating, managing, and organizing servers/group chats
  • Adaptability. There has never been a situation where I haven’t been able to adapt to the environment around me
  • Sociability. Due to experience as a community manager, I exceed interacting with developers and communities
  • Excellent delegation control
  • Profound at researching required references and resources for projects
  • Project planning skills
  • Open to feedback to better my abilities
  • An array of organization skills
  • Create, manage, and abide by schedules
  • Magnificent conflict resolution skills
  • Extensive cultural knowledge: Japanese, Greek, Indigenous, and more.
  • Knowledge of all mainstream social media platforms
  • Easily create long-lasting relationship within communities that improve project quality
  • Flexibility. I am flexible with all projects, and I am eager to learn new ways to assist you in your endeavors

Design Thinking

Human-centered approaches are among the best methods of generating innovative solutions for people at work, at home or within your community. Design thinking is a user-centered method of creative problem solving applicable any time you need to generate new ideas. It is about embracing mindset shifts and tackling problems from the user’s perspective. Students learn the five-step process while involving the user each step of the way. Through research discussions and analysis, students work, first independently, then with a team, to emphasize with their users, define a problem, and then ideate, prototype and test an original solution that places people at the heart of a challenge.

Communications I

Communication remains an essential skill sought by employers, regardless of discipline or field of study. Using a practical, vocation-oriented approach, students focus on meeting the requirements of effective communication. Through a combination of lectures, exercises, and independent learning, students practice writing, speaking, reading, listening, locating and documenting information, and using technology to communicate professionally. Students develop and strengthen communication skills that contribute to success in both educational and workplace environments.

Digital Imaging I

Students are introduced to concepts and tools used in the creation of digital images. A variety of software tools and techniques are introduced to enhance and alter existing images, as well as graphic creation. The focus is to support all the 2-D assets which consist of all image requirements in game design. Emphasis is placed on creating texture atlases, sprite sheets, fonts and concept art. Package design and promotional art are also covered.

Game Design Foundations

Students develop a foundation in the theory and practice of game design. Topics include game characteristics, game mechanics, game theory, documentation and play testing. Students spend the majority of their time working in a group while applying these principles in the form of a board game using the iterative process. The culmination of this work is a fully playable board game and professionally produced prototype.

Programming Fundamentals I

C++ is a mainstay object-oriented (OO) programming language and is a foundation language of the game development industry. Best practices, such as programming with an integrated development environment (IDE), using a debugger, and writing programs with appropriate naming conventions and style are learned and practiced. Students receive a comprehensive, in-depth overview of the C++ language, including syntax, data types, logical operators, as well as object class structure.

Technical Mathematics for Game Development

Students learn foundational mathematics required in game development. Students manipulate algebraic expressions and solve linear equations and literal formulae. Students study the trigonometry of right triangles and solve trigonometric problems involving both acute and obtuse angles in standard position. Students study vectors and vector components to normalize vectors and to determine the scalar product and cross product of two 3-D vectors. Students study matrix algebra and use matrices to scale, rotate or translate graphics, change coordinate systems and transform points. Students acquire the knowledge to work with numerical systems and internal machine representations; binary/hex/octal/decimal math; and Boolean logic and truth tables. Delivered in a modular format, this course is equivalent to the completion of all of the following math modules MAT8100 - a, b, l, m, o, q, and r.

Communications II: Scriptwriting

Storytelling and the components of story are introduced. Students develop storytelling skills and an understanding of what story form is. Students learn to apply scripting techniques to develop game scripts. Students also learn what makes characters “come alive” and the role a “good story” has in the development of a video game.

Psychology and Group Dynamics

Students examine some of the basic concepts of psychology, such as learning, motivation, perception, sensation, information processing, emotions, stress and relaxation and are able to effectively contribute as members of a team.

(The list above are the courses I have taken to date, however the list will grow as time goes on)

Why you should hire me(Education)
One of the main factors, aside from what has already been listed, as to why you should hire me is due to my education. I am currently in a game development program. Although I haven’t taken too many courses yet, my list will grow every 3-4 months. As a PM this is one of the things that sets me aside from the rest. As not only does my experience play a part in it all, yet my education and focus of study will only allow your project to reach new heights.

Should you decide to hire me, I will be able to reach peaks that others may not be able to due to my education. In time I will be familiar with a large majority of the dev-work(beyond what I already understand) and I will be able to pinpoint errors further than other PMs can, speeding up production rates. This will also play a huge role in the recruitment process, as I will not waste our time.

Overall, game development is my passion. So much so that I’m educating myself in a 3-year program. This will benefit not only myself, but you should you wish to hire me. Aside from education, I am a quick learner. Meaning, even without proper education, I will continue to pick up new techniques through my experience. Needless to say, your game will prosper from it.

What will I do:

The following statement is for generic Roblox studios. If you are a larger company, or offering a full time position, please disregard the following.

  • Manage your project and developers to ensure a schedule is upheld.
  • Work with your developers to ensure the quality being produced is up to standards.
  • Schedule frequent meetings to ensure stability, developer well-being, and product satisfaction.
  • Create profound relations with your developers to establish a bond to optimize productivity and quality.
  • Work with the owner(s) to create a unique structure for their game that is not a P2W game(unless specified otherwise).
  • Assist in shaping a distinguished vision that will ultimately end with your project success.

What I will not do:

  • I am not your builder or 3D modeler. I will work directly with said developers to ensure customer satisfaction, and to facilitate production. You will be expected to have your own team, unless you request I assist in recruitment.
  • I am not a scripter. I will assist work with scripters to ensure a well executed game, however I am not your scripter. You will be expected to have your own team, unless you request I assist in recruitment.
  • I will NOT work for free. I have every intent to boost your game with my skills to reach unfathomable heights, however I will not put in said efforts for free. We must come to an understood payment upon my employment. To note, I will only accept a percentage should you have an established game or company. If we are creating a new game or simulator, it will be expected that I am compensated accordingly(from an already established group) as I will not work for free on a promise.

The Jade Palace

Please note that the following is not a reflection of my scripting or building capabilities. The following showcase is the work being produced by my current dev-team. The Jade Palace is a project that I founded that is designed to entertain and educate people on traditional Japanese culture.

Employee Scheduling

The following is a basic format for a schedule that I have used in the past for my developers. Schedules may change, and vary. Yet this is to simply show you an example of a schedule.

Example Schedule - Google Sheets

Meeting Example

The following is a basic format of what is typically recorded at a meeting with my current team. I am willing to adapt to any method you wish to utilize, however this is currently what my team has been using for the last few weeks.

Meeting Notes Example - Google Docs

My payment is fully negotiable. I will accept Robux or USD (Paypal) as payment.

Should you choose to hire me, please make note of the following:

  • I may take down payment for large projects.
  • I receive quite a few messages in regards to my availability. I am more than willing to assist you on your projects, however I will only sign on to a project I am comfortable with.
  • If you send me a friend request, please send me a message prior to the accepting said friend request. Should I get busy during the day, I would hate to waste your time.
  • I do not work for free.
  • By contacting me, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that I have explained and laid out on this portfolio. There are no exceptions.

Working Hours
The following statement is for generic Roblox studios. If you are a larger company, or offering a full time position, please disregard the following.

I will dedicate 2-5 hours on your project each work day(weekdays). I do not work on weekends as I have other affairs to attend to. Should you wish for me to work weekends, an agreed compensation would be required. As mentioned before, I will not work on promised pay/percentages.

I am available most week days from 1PM EST to 5PM EST then 10PM EST to 4AM EST(these hours do not reflect possible working hours if hired). Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime during that window. You may send me a message when I am unavailable, although expect a slower reply.

You may contact me via DevForum, Discord, or Twitter.

Discord - Akito#3997
Twitter - https://twitter.com/akitonyko

Thank you for reading my portfolio, and I hope to hear from you soon!


great person to work with <3 hope u get hired!


Akito is a competent Producer and Project Manager, who deserves his chance to show Roblox what he is capable of. He has an extremely creative mind and he is my go-to when I am stumped on a project or have a creative block. Sometimes I don’t even approve of things, I ask Akito first.

If you’re looking for a Project Manager, he is about to be one of the best in this industry, and it would be a mistake not to hire him.

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I’ve been working with Akito for the past few months, and I have to say they are a very well-mannered and organized individual. They can manage the team exceptionally well and prioritize specific tasks over others. They also love to connect with their developers and get to know them better to adapt to their style of work. Overall, Akito is a delightful person to work with and will be a great asset to the team as they will manage the team and keep them all in a positive state of mind.

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Contacted you on discord! Please respond when you get the chance! Thanks!

Messaged via dev forum @Akitonyko .

Hello, I am interested in hiring you I have already added you on Discord at JaymarThePG#0999

I wanted to thank everyone for their interest! I apologize if I had not been able to get to everyone, although my availability is now full.

Should I become available again, I will let you all know!