[Closed] Experienced scripter looking for commissions

open for work despite the thread name

I’m a experienced scripter with a magnitude of different work experiences under my belt looking for scripting jobs to earn some money on the side and sharpen my skillset

Newer works

FPS Framework

Basic Mechanics

Destructable Walls


Smoke Particles Physic


Camera Animations
camera movement is animinated via a CameraReference part inside the viewmodel, animation logic deals in angles multiplication and will not restrict player’s manual camera movements




Older works

Parkour system

controllable wallrunning

wall jumping


zipline traversing

Rope swinging mechanic

uses a flipped bézier curve to generate a swing arc

Lasso select

Bow & arrow

Saber moveset

based off of the z-saber from the megaman zero games

Character customization system

made for a commission

Gravity gun

a simple implementation of the half life 2’s gravity gun

TPS system

made for a commission

FPS system

model by RobloxGamer9908

Homing attack

MMX dash recreation

a recreation of the dash mechanic from megaman x games

Stealth detection NPC

a patrolling NPC with field of view detection

Destructable procedurally generated terrain

Splitscreen camera

Unfinished custom pathfinding

an unfinished pathfinding system utilizing A* to make a pathfinder that works with the Y axis, heavily unoptimized

I have experience working with Rojo, AeroGameFramework and especially Knit


my timezone is GMT+7, I’m available for 4-5 hours everyday thanks to lockdown


I have experience working in professional high budget teams and work with pre-existing frameworks/create documented and maintainable frameworks. Outside of one-off commissions I’ve also done long term works through either a bulk payment per development phase or a per month salary


I only accept paypal. Minimum price is around 35 USD if asked for per-asset, I am a trusted paypal vendor and can accept business payments with no delay


you can contact me on discord at royal#0959 or through my discord id 318953291343986718


To anybody needing a scripter, I highly recommend Royal. He is a nice lad that’ll take his time to perfect the task you’ve given him. My project had some obstacles but he overcame them easily and completed what was asked of him. He has an incredible work ethic, a professional, and a great programmer. Hope to see more of this guy in the future, best of luck!


Very diverse showcase, displaying many different skills. :+1: nice and refreshing!


Royal, please contact me on discord:

Details of the job:

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Very experienced and efficient. Royal was very easy to work with by being very adaptable to what I needed and always keeping me updated. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reliable scripter.


Royal is a knowledgeable scripter who was capable of anything I asked of him; I recommend him if you are ever in need of scripting services.


I recently worked with Royal, flawless commission, a pragmatic approach, and shown utmost respect, whilst meeting deadlines. If you ever want a high-quality programmer, you need to contact Royal. I would happily recommission Royal at a later date.

He gave me clear instructions on how to fabricate his assets to be compatible with my game, and he is extremely efficient.

Impeccable services.

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Hello! I am interested in hiring you for a short term (maybe long term IF you want to stay) job. They payment is really good and if you are interested we can further discuss things in discord.


reopened after a long hiatus, looking for some small jobs to get back in the scene

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Very experienced and efficient. Royal was very easy to work with by being very adaptable to what I needed and always keeping me updated. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reliable scripter.

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Thank u for like the one i just send that all i need but this is a nice group.

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Outstanding work! Completed the requested task fast, responded well to critiques and fixed what was needed in a timely manner. Communication was great and was always professional. Will be hiring again!

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for anyone looking to hire a scripter, hire this guy. He makes sure you get what you want providing you clips as he makes it just in case you like it, it shows that he cares with the little things he does to make him a spectacular scripter. His productivity level is pretty good, he could get what you need done in any realistic time frame. I dont know about you guys, but I am going to commission him again sometime! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Did an awesome job with my commission! Would highly recommend. He got it done in a timely fashion and did exactly what I asked. The one bug that came out undetected, he fixed within minutes!

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