[CLOSED] Experienced Sound Designer

My Background

Hi, my name is Paige. I go by the alias Chordily online and Forged Youth for my professional music career. I’m currently attending a school of the arts where I major in contemporary music. I am able to fluently play drums, guitar, and piano. I also song-write and sing with a band in person sometimes. I’ve been producing music for 5 years, and have a lot of background in that area. In my spare time, I’m helping other musicians improve, gaming, watching TV, or making my own music. I also work on the platform as a project manager/leader.

My Work

To get a general idea of my knowledge and experience in sound design, here are some posts I’ve written in which I feel are important:

Now for my examples:

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Some Noteworthy Peeps:


Mondays I have virtual classes. Tuesday - Friday I have in-person school. I have no after-school activities but do have different appointments. Any time after 3:00 MST will work.


For the time being, I am only accepting USD due to personal reasons. I will eventually open back up for Robux.

  • $20 for music per 60 seconds
  • $10 per sound effect


To reach me, either send me a message on Twitter or Discord:


do you have discord i can contact you at?

I do, except I’m usually busy with other jobs, so I plan to give the info out once someone reaches out. :slight_smile:

I hired Paige about 2 months ago. She has delivered over 100 different types of unique SFX for my project in a timely manner. I recommend Paige for any type of music production or sound design!

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I recommend Paige. She works efficiently and swiftly. If you do not like a beat or whatever it is, she will most likely change it to your likings.

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