[CLOSED] ExtremeFridge Entertainment, LLC is offering professional level game development

About Us

Hello! ExtremeFridge Entertainment, LLC is a group of professional Roblox developers focused on delivering consistent, reliable products to our customers. All ExtremeFridge projects are supervised by myself (Modulatio) and undergo a strict review process before shipping to customers. Our developers are the best and most experienced in their fields, many having worked on front page games and amassed millions of visits on their places.

For more information on me, you can visit my person devforum page here: [CLOSED] Modulatio | Advanced Scripting

We are currently taking commissions for the following roles:

  • Scripting
  • Modelling


Due to the nature of contract work, ExtremeFridge as a whole does not currently have a portfolio. However, any ExtremeFridge developer you work with will have a personal portfolio, and you can also check my personal page (linked above) to see my portfolio.


We accept USD/Robux for all commissions. Please contact me for detailed information on pricing.


You can contact me here:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Modulatio2
Discord: jghall1#0986