[Closed] @FadedDragoner | Scripter and Discord Bot Developer

For Hire scripter and discord bot developer


Hello there, I’m a scripter who’s been deving since 2018. I’ve also been making and hosting node js discord bots for close to a year. I’m mostly just looking for short term tasks.

If you want to contact me you can message me on discord - Priest Of Fern#8394


Here’s a pretty old fps system I made a while back:

Here’s an image of a map which was generated by a perlin noise terrain generator I made:

Here’s a video of a vr game that I’m currently working on in my free time:

Translator bot:


I only accept robux. Price mostly depends on task size and how many tasks there are but here’s a basic rule of thumb

1 Small task: 300 :robux_light:
1 Big task: 1000 :robux_light:

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