(CLOSED) Fallen leaf studios looking for a scripter


About Us

Hello, we are Fallen leaf studios and we are looking for a scripter that will be able to do anything listed in the “about the job” category of this post. We had a scripter on our team, but he didn’t really do any work for months, so I decided that he would not be a part of the team anymore. Our vampire themed game that we were working on was finished when it comes to building, but not scripting. I think the game definetly has some potential.

The Team
@ExistingDragon- Builder
@luqcid - Scripter

Screenshots from the game

About The Job

We are looking for a friendly individual to join our team as our main scripter. This is some things you need to have some experience with:

  • Making intermission with rounds.
  • Make a shop with random loot.
  • Make it so one player spawns as the Vampire and one as the hunter.
  • Make some scripts for game passes
  • Be creative :slight_smile:

There is still some time before I plan on releasing the game, so there is no rush. But I want you to work on the game from time to time. Make sure youre easy to reach out to!


The only method for payment I am capable of giving you is 50% of all profits from the game. I think the game definetly has potential, so we should be able to profit from it!

Contact me

You can contact me here on the devforum, as well as on discord at: MasterOfPheasants#0735

This is everything I guess! Suggestions are appreciated.


What do you mean a shop that spawns with random loot. Does the shop have random loot to buy?

Sorry for the confusion. What I mean by that is a “crate” shop. Like these safes in jailbreak that give random items.

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I could be a scripter, but can you first state the deadline(s)?
I know you said no rush, but are you sure you want to wait that long?
You also said that the scripter should be easy to be reach out to, so can you state your timezone?
Mine is UTC-5.
I will contact you if you can provide this info.

I haven’t really thought about the deadline, but I would say 2 - 3 months.

My timezone is UTC+01:00

Ok. I am sending a request! [30 characters]

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